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Government Digital Services (GDS) is leading the digital transformation of the UK government. Alistair Duggin is the Head of Accessibility at the UK's GDS. Alistair recently published a blog post titled, "We’re making accessibility clearer and easier". Basically, the GDS Accessibility team is:

"...[making] it easier for departments to build digital services that are accessible for everyone.

We want to ensure that there are no barriers that might prevent anyone from accessing a digital service. This means people who are hard of hearing or have visual, cognitive or motor impairments. But beyond that, it means all users – not just those with permanent disabilities.

You might, for example, be trying to listen to a piece of content in a noisy office. Or trying to read something on a screen which has the sun shining directly onto it. You might have a temporary impairment, such as an ear infection or a broken arm. Or you may, as you grow older, develop a permanent impairment.

Making services accessible means making them better for all of us."

If you found that post useful, you'll also want to have a look at "An accessibility reading list", which has a lot of information to help you build in accessibility.

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