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The Digital Public Service (DPS) branch hosted the ‘Showcasing Homegrown Solutions’ event — 5 teams presented the creative technology they’re building to help New Zealanders access government services.

Techweek theme for

Creating tech for a better tomorrow.

Showcasing homegrown solutions

Fitting the week’s theme, 5 teams presented how they’re creating technical solutions to make government services inclusive and benefit all New Zealanders.

Teams who presented

Lessons shared by all 5 teams

  • Form a strong team before building anything technical.
  • Have a common purpose that your team and users are passionate about — this keeps the momentum going when facing challenges along the way.
  • One of the most effective ways to hold the trust of service users: deliver regularly and as promised.


Each team showed how they researched to find what users wanted and how to work together with other government organisations.

They also explained why a spirit of service in the public sector is important, and how to encourage this with both practical and digital approaches.

Zero Data

This project allows people who do not have data on their phones to access government digital services.

Zero Data is an ongoing project and the team is open to more government organisations joining this work.

More information

Rapid Form Builder

This project helps people in the public sector to quickly build and edit the online forms needed for people to access government services.

Rapid Form Builder is an ongoing project and the team is open to:

  • more government organisations joining this work
  • adding more services and features to their website.

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Death Documents

This project is working to help people quickly handle the paperwork needed to manage and certify someone’s death. Making this process easier to go through reduces the stress on whānau and those working with communities after a death.

Death Documents is an ongoing piece of work. The team is developing web applications by working with:

  • Tāhū o te Ture — Ministry of Justice
  • Te Whatu Ora — Health New Zealand
  • Te Tari Taiwhenua — Department of Internal Affairs.

More information

Aotearoa Immunisation Register

This project replaces the National Immunisation Register. It supports the management of all immunisations and vaccinations in New Zealand.

The Aotearoa Immunisation Register continues to use an approach that’s open to making changes as they receive new information and feedback. This has been important in building trust with the many people involved in immunisation events.

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Centralised Web Accessibility Checker

This project allows people working in the public sector to check their websites for accessibility issues. The tool offers ways to fix the identified issues and helps more New Zealanders access government services.

The Centralised Web Accessibility Checker is being tested with government organisations that signed up to participate. The team will use their feedback to improve the tool.

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Future homegrown showcases

Wonderful to see and hear about some of the amazing work across government agencies. Could we have more of these sharing sessions?

Participant, Showcasing Homegrown Solutions

The DPS is grateful to the speakers who made time to share their work.

Based on the positive feedback from those who attended this event, the DPS will look for more opportunities to share the great mahi between government organisations.

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