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Why we built a new dashboard for the Common Web Platform

The Common Web Platform team have introduced a new Dashboard service that builds on the existing Deploynaut, introducing a better user experience and greater autonomy with deployments and user management.

What are the changes

Improved user interface

We believe that making changes to your services shouldn’t have to be stressful.

The dashboard has a new and improved user interface. It provides a cleaner design so you know where you are and what to do at all times.

The new dashboard page where you can manage your deployments. This page also shows a list of all your previous deployments to production.

Improved self-service

We’re keen to save our users time and money on simple requests by allowing users to do this at their own leisure.

We’ve added the capability to add and change user’s roles so that teams no longer have to raise a ticket on the service desk in order to do this. Check out the self-service documentation for more information.

The new CWP dashboard team page. This pages shows all the users for your stack.

You can also grant yourself temporary self-service to the Content Management System (CMS), from which you can add other members. Never get permanently locked out again.

The new CWP dashboard for creating users with temporary CMS admin access. This pages shows you how to create temporary certifcates for user access.

Smoother deployment flow

We’ve worked to make the deployment flow simpler.

We’ve added a clear approval process flow, taking you through a standardised deployment workflow. Check out the new deployment documentation for more information.

The new CWP dashboard showing the new simpler deployment flow. There are four stages, Target release, Deployment plan, Approval and Deployment.

Deploynaut API

You can now perform a select few actions, such as create and restore snapshots, and perform deployments programmatically without using the dashboard interface. Check out the API docs on how to get started.

The new CWP Deploynaut API showing actions, such as create and restore snapshots, and perform deployments programmatically..

What next

Who has it so far

We've rolled out the new Dashboard to 15% of stacks across 5 agencies and demonstrated the benefits to CWP users with more agencies in the pipeline.

How I get my upgrade

Ask for your upgrade via a new request ticket:


At the moment we’re just doing this on a first come first serve basis.

However we eventually plan to rollout this new Dashboard to all CWP agencies.

Following this we will providing even more functionality to the dashboard.

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