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OneTeamGov comes to NZ! Opportunity to come to the SI Lab to hear about the Global movement.

Does making a difference get you out of bed in the morning? Who wants to work with like-minded people to create a more connected New Zealand Public Sector? Think that we could all work together better across the government?

Then OneTeamGov NZ is the place for you! If you haven't heard of this movement before, the basic concept is to get people together from across professional disciplines, and from across the hierarchical organisational strata. From top to bottom, and from across the width, we can work together to make government more joined-up.

Come along and hear Victoria Wray talk about the OneTeamGovGlobal conference that she attended recently.

It was an amazing event with 700 people from 40 countries talking about how we can work to make government (and the world) better. After Sweden just joined will NZ become number 42?

So my proposition is, what do we want to do in NZ? Do we want a NZ branch of #OneTeamGov? Do we want to be influential in creating new ways of working, and represent life, the universe and everything?

Event details

Day: Monday 20th of August
Time: 1-2pm
Place: Level 4, Service Innovation Lab, 191 Thorndon Quay (just across the road from Bordeaux Bakery)

So, if you want to make the world a better place, or just want to do some awesome cross-diciplinary networking, come as see us and spread the word.

If you haven't been to the Service Innovation Lab before, it's also a great excuse to come see us too! 

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