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We need your help!

If you work on web in your agency, take a couple of minutes and have a look at this list of websites that are in the public sector. Any out of date? Missing? Great.

Either add them in by emailing your updates to or you can use GitHub to edit the list. You'll need a GitHub account to do this.

Why do we want to know?

Knowing what we own and run is essential to being able to manage it. It means we can benchmark, measure quality, and analyse the subjects and user journeys across it.

Keeping it current

We’ve done this before — creating lists based on the Domain Name Registrar and asking people to add in any extra domains, like, used by government websites out in the wild.

Unfortunately, we’ve never had a way to keep this list up to date. That is until now.

Using GitHub

With the recent data harvesting improvements to, our resident open source/open data geek, Cam Findlay suggested that we could use the collaborative processes baked into GitHub and store a copy of our dataset in a git code repository. If you're interested here's an article about editing using GitHub.

This allows anyone familiar with this process to update the list. It also allows to harvest new copies of the dataset as they become available.

This, along with the government web domain strategy work, has provided the drive to create, share and release this data. We welcome your help!

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