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Application criteria

Innovation fund applications must show how the initiative aligns with government priorities and the Strategy for a Digital Public Service focus areas.

Focus areas for 2021/22

Initiatives should be cross-agency and clearly align with the outcomes of the Strategy for a Digital Public Service, the Data Roadmap, and the intent of the Public Service Act. 

Strategy for a Digital Public Service focus areas

  • Integrated services for people and business — Multi-agency efforts to collaborate, co-create, design and deliver integrated services centred around people’s needs.
  • Leadership, people and culture — Strong leadership to drive public sector collaboration and cultural changes. A unified public service (UPS) and a workforce strategy that reflects future needs and capabilities.
  • Foundations — Integrated services enabled through digital foundations that can be used across the public service including:
    • digital architecture for government 
    • unwinding legacy systems
    • reusable data, transactions and rules
    • digital identity
    • government interoperability
    • acceleration of government data, transactions, and business rules
    • development of government API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and Marketplace.
  • Investment — Investment in digital and data that is all-of-government, targeted, and efficient to ensure investment is prioritised, coordinated, and managed.
  • New ways of working — Collaboration across a unified public service to deliver outcomes including:
    • mobile workforce
    • digital standards and practices, and
    • digital innovation capacity.

Other criteria

Applications must show:

  • how the investment will contribute to New Zealanders’ seamless and integrated experience of, and trust in, public services
  • how the initiative demonstrates innovation — this fund is not for business as usual costs
  • the level of cross-agency collaboration required as part of the initiative
  • benefits to the public service or sector that support transformation, including being able to reuse initiatives or parts of initiatives
  • initiative costs, and outline options for sustainable funding if the initiative were to become business as usual.

Applicants should also demonstrate how the:

  • initiative will be evaluated
  • work aligns with agile values and principles, including how any collaboration benefits the agencies involved
  • work will align with relevant standards, for example the New Zealand government Digital Service Design Standard.

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