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The pitch

Be prepared to articulate the value of your idea, how it aligns with the Strategy for a Digital Public Service and how you see it delivered and supported.

You should also prepare to articulate how failure would be recognised and how the initiative would off-ramp. 

Preparation tips

Focus on presenting the essentials. A compelling elevator pitch is vital to capture the attention of the audience.

Be prepared to answer the following questions. 

Is it strategically aligned?

Is your initiative:

Is it viable?

Does your initiative demonstrate:

  • market research
  • target base / digital inclusion
  • demand / growth predictions?

Is it technology proven?


  • who will use / supply it
  • how secure it is
  • how interoperable it is.

Is it affordable?

For example:

  • return on investment (ROI) 
  • future funding sources?

Is it achievable?

For example:

  • ownership / sponsors
  • delivery expectations
  • support model
  • commercial due diligence?

Other considerations

Have you considered:

  • legislative changes
  • patent / copyrights
  • privacy
  • data sovereignty?

The pitch

Once you’ve been invited to pitch your application, you’ll be sent a calendar invite with all the information you need including:

  • time
  • location
  • deadlines for final documentation
  • a reminder of the format
  • who you’ll be pitching to.

Your application and presentation will be circulated prior to the meeting to all attendees.

On the day

Application pitches are held at the Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua located at:

45 Pipitea Street

Wellington 6011 

It’s strongly recommended you to pitch in person, but on-line capabilities may be available if necessary.

The room will be set up boardroom style, have audio and video display capabilities, and a whiteboard. 

Depending on the number of applications being evaluated, you are guaranteed to have at least 10 minutes to pitch your application, with additional time for questions from the Fund panel of officials.

What happens next

If endorsed, your initiative will be considered for funding by the Deputy Chief Executive, Government Chief Digital Officer (DCE, GCDO).

Formal notification of funding decisions will be communicated following formal authorisation by the DCE, GCDO.

Successful applications

Successful applicants will provide progress reports back to the Digital Public Service branch.

A final report outlining the outcomes and lessons learnt will need to be submitted at the end of the pilot to the Digital Government Leadership Group (DGLG) and will be published on the

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