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International Open Data Charter

Adopting the charter reinforces NZ's commitment to open data. It gives government agencies a set of principles and actions for accelerating the release of open government data.

Open government data is not personal, classified or confidential, and anyone can use and share it.

Open data can drive innovation and lead to significant social, economic and environmental benefits. It's an important part of an open, transparent and accountable government.

Charter principles

The charter’s 6 principles are that data should be:

  • open by default
  • timely and comprehensive
  • accessible and usable
  • comparable and interoperable
  • for improved governance and citizen engagement
  • for inclusive development and innovation.

Open Data Charter website

NZ’s commitment to the charter

NZ is directly implementing the charter through 1 of its commitments under the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan — improving open data access and principles.

Open Government Partnership

Resources for data use in NZ

Data — guidance – freely usable datasets released by NZ government organisations

About the International Open Data Charter

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