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Government ICT Prioritisation Framework during COVID-19

The GCDO and MBIE have developed a framework to make sure constrained ICT resources go to support government organisations and services where they are needed most.

The framework outlines how the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) will:

  • work with government organisations to gather requests and aggregate demand
  • work with providers and others to manage and plan supply
  • facilitate the triage and prioritisation of requests.


This framework will be updated to reflect the other COVID-19 alert levels as the country transitions out of lock-down and into recovery.

Triage process

Requests for information and communications technology (ICT) resources will be actioned according to the following 6 triage priority groups, with Category 1 being the highest priority.

Category 1

COVID-19 response: Critical government organisations and essential services during COVID-19.

Category 2

Public welfare and safety: Organisations and services that provide critical needs of everyday life and national security.

Category 3

Core government services that are not critical to public health or the safety and security of New Zealanders.

Category 4

Essential services that are not covered by categories 1, 2 and 3.

Category 5

Non-essential government services.

Category 6

Individual requests.

ICT providers: when to coordinate with the GCDO

If you are an ICT provider, use this process to work through requests for support:

Government request

Is it from a critical government organisation?

  • Yes: Coordinate with the GCDO.
  • No: Use the triage process to categorise the request.

Private sector request

  • Use the triage process to categorise the request.

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