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Accessibility tips for using this website

Navigate our website with browser functions, assistive technology, keyboard shortcuts and more.

Make content on a web page larger

Instructions are available to help you make the content larger:

Print a web page in large text

  1. Select the browser’s ‘print’ function.
  2. In the settings, adjust the scale to the text size you want — the larger you make the scale, the larger the text on the printout will be.
  3. Print the page.

NZ Relay assistance

If you’re Deaf, hearing impaired, Deaf-blind, or speech impaired, you can use the free NZ Relay telecommunications assistance service to phone any numbers on this website.

Find the best Relay Service for you — New Zealand Relay

Device set up and assistive technology support

You can set up your device to suit your needs.

Table 1: Set up your device

Technology company Support
Microsoft Accessibility Learn about built-in accessibility tools and features in Microsoft Technologies like Windows
Apple Accessibility Find out how Apple supports inclusive use of Mac computers and portable devices like iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV and HomePod
Google Accessibility Read about Google’s support for devices using the Android operating system, like smart phones and tablet computers

Keyboard shortcuts when watching or listening to media

There are keyboard shortcuts you can use when watching YouTube. For these shortcuts to work, the YouTube video must have keyboard focus.

Table 2: Keyboard shortcuts for YouTube videos

Keyboard shortcut Action
Space or Enter Pause or play video
Esc Exit full screen
Up and Down arrows Increase or decrease volume by 10%
Right and Left arrows Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds
0–9 Fast seek to x% of the video
c Toggle captions off, on, or cycle through the available tracks
f Enter or exit full screen
m Mute or unmute video volume

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