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All-of-Government Self-Assessment Tool

Agencies can complete their annual self-assessments and other All-of-Government (AoG) reporting requirements online using the Self-Assessment Tool.

Making it easier for agencies

The cloud-based tool streamlines the reporting process, including the review and approval of assessments before they are submitted to the relevant AoG team.

The Self-Assessment Tool:

  • gives agencies easy access to all of their assessments in one secure location
  • pre-populates assessments with last year's data, making it quicker and easier to complete and improving consistency
  • improves version control through automated workflow and approval processes
  • gives access to benchmark and trend reporting, providing insights into business performance.

New Zealand Government Online Self-Assessment Portal

Gaining system-level insights

The Self-Assessment Tool supports an integrated approach to data collection and analysis. This enables AoG teams to gain additional insights at a system level to provide Ministers and Chief Executives with greater confidence that:

  • expected outcomes will be achieved
  • risks are being managed effectively to reduce uncertainty and maximise opportunities
  • they have the right quality information for decision making.

Information security

The Self-Assessment Tool has been certified and accredited for operation by the Security and Risk team at the Department of Internal Affairs.

This means the tool is able to store information up to and including the RESTRICTED security classification.

You can be confident that your information is stored safely and securely when you use the tool.

Diagram 1: Self-Assess continuous improvement

3 linked circles - Gaining Insight, Lifting Capability and Improving Performance

Detailed description of diagram

The Self-Assess logo depicts 3 interlinked circles labelled ‘Gaining Insight’, ‘Lifting Capability’ and ‘Improving Performance’. These circles are entwined like an infinity sign to symbolise continuous improvement.

Products available through the Self-Assessment Tool

All-of-Government Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment Framework

GCPO Annual Agency Privacy Self-Assessment Report

Agency ICT Maturity Assessment Framework

Regulatory Stewardship System Assessments

Contact us

Email us if you have any questions about the Self-Assessment Tool.


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