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  • FYI: Using data to build better government services

    Found in Blog / Published 08 April 2016 / By Susan Diamond

    At a recent forum in the US, government officials talked about how data and performance measures are needed to build better government services. The tough part is how to “meet this illusive reverie”, which was the main topic of discussion.

    The article includes a case study about how officials from San Mateo, California used data to improve the effectiveness of a social services programme, the challenges they had, and the outcome. One interesting insight was that regulations and policy stand in…

  • FYI: Report on how companies are reaching out to users

    Found in Blog / Published 19 April 2016 / By Susan Diamond

    Take a look at this interesting report on using technology to build better relationships with users. It has a slight buy-our-product bias, but the insights are still very valuable.

    One of the lessons is a definition of what the report calls “digital Darwinism”, which is the evolution of consumer behaviour when society and technology evolve faster than the ability to adapt.

    Other noted trends are:

    Mobile, social, real-time: consumers with mobile internet and social media access are the driving…

  • FYI: Voluntary Code - Guidance for Sharing Data Between Organisations

    Found in Blog / Published 13 June 2016 / By Susan Diamond

    Data sharing is a part of life these days but what are organisations doing to make sure that your personal information — email addresses, health data, bank account information, photos — is being protected?

    This article on the Institute of IT Professionals TechBlog reveals that organisations which take these issues seriously are coming up with their own internal policy and guidelines. The premise is that for data sharing between organisations to be straightforward, there needs to a common unders…

  • takes on Citizenship and Authentications

    Found in Blog / Published 16 December 2016 / By Meg Howie

    At the end of October, the team kicked off our latest pilot looking at NZ citizenship and how to get documents authenticated. We’re working with Service Delivery and Operations — part of our family here at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) — to redesign the content around user needs while shifting it from the DIA website on to

    Understanding the issuesAs always, we began by identifying the problems users have with these services, and the most common things people need…

  • Building the future of government service delivery: week 1 at Lab+

    Found in Blog / Published 21 April 2017 / By Pia Andrews

    The Lab+ work is being led by the Service Innovation Team in the Department of Internal Affairs. It is part of the Better Public Services Result 10 agenda, which is focused on making the digital interactions with government far easier for citizens.

    TL;DR — we are experimenting with a new model for government services based on the idea of government information, services and rules being available as APIs, enabling citizen needs to be served through a diverse ecosystem of public and private secto…

  • Relaunch of the Common Web Platform website

    Found in Blog / Published 12 May 2017 / By Paul Murray

    We’ve just revamped the website for the Common Web Platform (CWP), a platform as a service for NZ government sites. The new Wātea theme is used and there are major changes to the information architecture and design of the website.

    MilestonesSince the launch in 2013, CWP has truly become the web platform of choice for New Zealand’s public sector. Both central and local government agencies have enjoyed many benefits of the shared open source software and secure hosting. The platform has provided…

  • LabPlus: What's Next?

    Found in Blog / Published 26 September 2017 / By Pia Andrews

    TL;DRAfter some successful experimentation earlier in the year, the Service Innovation team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) have the green light to move forward with our work in supporting a more integrated approach to service delivery across the New Zealand Government, largely on the back of our Government as a Platform (GaaP) work. For more details about GaaP,  see our earlier blog posts.

    We are really excited to be forming a core team of service designers, technical ninjas, data…

  • FYI: the UK's GDS want to make accessibility easy

    Found in Blog / Published 25 October 2017 / By Susan Diamond

    Government Digital Services (GDS) is leading the digital transformation of the UK government. Alistair Duggin is the Head of Accessibility at the UK's GDS. Alistair recently published a blog post titled, "We’re making accessibility clearer and easier". Basically, the GDS Accessibility team is:

    "... it easier for departments to build digital services that are accessible for everyone.

    We want to ensure that there are no barriers that might prevent anyone from accessin…

  • LabPlus: Live and breathe it!

    Found in Blog / Published 24 January 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    Guest blog post by Grace Kim, ICT Grad.

    I volunteered my way into the Service Innovation Lab (Lab) again, on the Entering Tertiary Discovery Sprint. My last stint was 4 or 5 months ago. It didn't take me long to form an opinion of the work environment and the structures: I loved it.

    After entering into the public sector as a professional, I found my expectations didn’t quite line up to reality. I wanted to find UX-related work in government, which was as hard as finding water in a desert,…

  • LabPlus: Reusable component - Family Services Directory

    Found in Blog / Published 02 March 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    TL;DRThis blog post is a collaboration between the Service Innovation Lab, the Family Services Directory team from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), the SmartStart team in the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and Catalyst IT (the SmartStart developer). Our many thanks also to the team for their support in making this success story. Please see the new SmartStart “Services near me” functionality for the first use case of our first reusable component from the Service Innova…

  • ‘Listen up’ - democratic engagement and Twitter

    Found in Blog / Published 02 May 2018 / By Victoria Wray

    Opportunities for government to listenAs part of the Reimagining participatory democracy discovery at the end of last year I became really interested in how social media, specifically Twitter, is a space where people talk a lot about government policy. At the same time, it’s often hard for government to get good response rates to consultations, specifically from diverse voices. There seems to be an opportunity there - how can government (without being creepy) listen to what people are saying? Al…

  • Techweek‘18 – Good for the world

    Found in Blog / Published 09 May 2018 / By Stephen Clarke

    New Zealand’s annual festival of innovation, Techweek, is happening between 19 – 27 May. The focus is on fostering the growth of NZ’s technology and innovation sectors by providing “a week-long opportunity for connection and cross-pollination, and an independent platform through which to amplify New Zealand’s unique and inspiring innovation stories to the world.” The theme this year is on innovation that’s good for the world.

    There are exciting events happening across NZ. Here is just a taste o…

  • Principles

    Found in Standards & guidance / Digital Service Design Standard / Principles

    The principles are the core of the standard and set out the 12 high-level purpose statements, and objectives of the standard. They are fixed and formally signed-off pending any further review.

  • 12. Be transparent and accountable to the public

    Found in Standards & guidance / Digital Service Design Standard / Principles / 12. Be transparent and accountable to the public

    Measure and monitor the effectiveness, value and consequences of your service throughout its lifetime, and report publicly.
    Test end-to-end, early and often with users, and continuously improve services in response to user feedback.
    Be open and transparent in decision-making, including in the use of automated systems.
    Communicate how taxpayer-funded services serve the interests of citizens, communities, society and the economy.
    Why it mattersTaxpayer funded services need to serve the interests o…

  • Security and privacy assurance

    Found in Standards & guidance / Governance / Managing online channels / Security and privacy for websites / Designing for security and privacy / Security and privacy assurance

    You need to establish a quality assurance framework based on the severity of the consequences of a breach in security or privacy.

  • 2017-18 Progress Report for the Service Innovation Lab

    Found in Blog / Published 04 September 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    The Service Innovation Lab has to report regularly on progress to our governance groups.

    The end of financial year report is available in full here and the executive summary and conclusion is below.

    We will be announcing our plans for the upcoming year in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

    It will be a big year and we look forward to growing both our capacity and our collaborative efforts across the community. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive to date!

    Executive SummaryThis i…

  • Building a Blueprint for Digital Inclusion

    Found in Blog / Published 18 September 2018 / By Anna Pendergrast

    Kia ora

    Over the last few months, I have had the privilege of putting together the bones of what will become the Digital Inclusion Blueprint.

    Kirk Mariner touched on what empowering everyone through digital inclusion might look like.

    The starting point is the Blueprint. It will set out the vision and framing for digital inclusion in Aotearoa New Zealand, identify what’s already going on and where the gaps are, and propose an action plan for government’s role. It will be the start of an ongoin…

  • Service Innovation Lab – 18 months of amazing work

    Found in Blog / Published 26 September 2018 / By Linda Sanders

    The Service Innovation Lab has gone from a good idea to a very active and well-functioning All of Government entity in the space of 18 months.

    It has been funded through the cross-agency innovation fund to help deliver the Service Innovation Work Programme.

    At a celebration for those who have contributed to the Lab’s progress General Manager Service Innovation Karl McDiarmid said the Lab was established to enable agencies across government to work together to make it easier to deliver better s…

  • Using a collaboration space

    Found in Showcase

    The Open Government Information and Data Programme successfully used an online consensus and decision making tool. will also test the value this type of tool would add to online engagement.

  • Marketplace so far

    Found in Blog / Published 19 December 2018 / By Stephen Hilson

    Since opening in September 2018 Marketplace has signed up suppliers and government organisations - and generated global interest. Organisations can sign up now to get the benefits of the Marketplace for Government.

  • Renting a Property - Continuing our discovery

    Found in Blog / Published 30 January 2019 / By Glen Thurston

    In July and August 2018, a small team from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Ministry of Social Development (MSD) and the Service Innovation Lab from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), continued our discovery into Renting a Property.

    Phase two of the discovery took place over four weeks and like the first one the core team were supported by a number of subject matter experts (SME) across government agencies. The team did a detailed analysis of the findings from…

  • It’s Privacy Week - protecting our identity information

    Found in Blog / Published 13 May 2019 / By Tim Waldron

    It’s Privacy Week and that’s a timely reminder of the importance of our protecting our personal identity information.

  • Digital Service Design Standard – Recommendations for Assessment and Reporting Models

    Found in Standards & guidance / Digital Service Design Standard / Digital Service Design Standard – Recommendations for Assessment and Reporting Models

    The Digital Service Design Standard (the Standard) was published in mid-2018. The New Zealand Government made a commitment under the Open Government Partnership to publish a preferred assessment model for the Standard.

  • Procurement

    Found in Standards & guidance / Governance / Procurement

    The government's ICT strategy and supporting work programme includes a focus on streamlining common ICT procurement processes.

  • A new Ministerial Advisory Group for the Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion

    Found in News

    Hon. Clare Curran, Minister for Broadcasting, Communications & Digital Media, and Government Digital Services is seeking expressions of interest from people with a diverse range of perspectives to serve as members of a new Ministerial Advisory Group for the Digital Economy and Digital Inclusion.

    Read the Minister’s media release or find more information and make a nomination.

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