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  • Building high performing CWP sites

    Found in Blog / Published 06 September 2017 / By Paul Murray

    Common Web Platform Performance Guide
    It takes time to build websites that are both high performing and pleasing to the eye. The performance of a site, both functional and visual, is ultimately determined by its configuration and the level of testing it is subjected to.

    To support Common Web Platform (CWP) developers in their projects, we’ve put together a performance guide that we consider to be an essential read. Both the performance guide and SilverStripe’s debug toolbar were delivered throu…

  • Rates Rebates Discovery Week 2 - mapping pain points

    Found in Blog / Published 09 October 2017 / By Pia Andrews

    TL;DRWithin the Service Innovation work program at the Department of Internal DIA, we have a range of service delivery initiatives where we work collaboratively with other agencies, organisations and companies in our Lab to design, prototype and build better public services. This helps us to identify user needs without a specific agency or government view, as well as to identify reusable components that could support multiple services (in public and private sectors). A couple of weeks ago our te…

  • LabPlus: how service integration supports end users

    Found in Blog / Published 18 October 2017 / By Pia Andrews

    TL;DRPeople are often curious about what we are doing and why. There’s a lot of interest from a range of organisations and individuals in our work, so I’d like to share a bit about the Service Integration (LabPlus) approach and how we work.

    Below are some of the key challenges facing government in creating sustainable, relevant and responsive services, including the ability of governments everywhere to scale to the increasing complexity of the communities we serve. Then how our Service Integrat…

  • Welcoming Digital 5 nations to New Zealand

    Found in Blog / Published 16 February 2018 / By Hon Clare Curran

    Message from the Minister of Government Digital Services
    I’m getting excited about Ministers from leading digital nations arriving in New Zealand with their delegations for Digital 5 2018 next week.

    This will be the fourth gathering of the Digital 5 (D5) countries which are widely recognised as having some of the most advanced digital governments in the world – New Zealand, Estonia, Israel, South Korea and the UK.

    It’s our first time hosting the D5 event and this presents us with a number of g…

  • LabPlus: What do design sprints, game design and government have in common?

    Found in Blog / Published 16 April 2018 / By Hazel Bradshaw

    TL;DRAs a member of the Service Innovation team, I recently ran an adaptation of a Google Design Sprint to unpack the requirements for an all of government service analytics solution.

    I specialise in design approaches for the creation of serious games; a serious game being a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. (If you want a dive into this field you can access my thesis on Structural Playability for the detail.) Read on if you’re interested in how to run an adapte…

  • Coding legislation for social good

    Found in Blog / Published 18 June 2018 / By Nigel Charman

    Guest blog post by Nigel Charman, a Service Lead for DevOps at Assurity.

    Better Rules HackAs part of Techweek 2018, Assurity hosted the Better Rules Hack (see the recent blog post on the Better Rules Hack - Wellington), to explore the ideas and practice of turning legislation into machine consumable 'digital rules' that can be reused and integrated across domains. Nigel Charman, from Assurity, joined a team who opted to figure out how organ donors could more easily discover what’s inv…

  • Legislation as code - modelling in real time

    Found in Blog / Published 22 June 2018 / By Brigette Metzler

    Guest blog post by Brigette Metzler

    The Better Rules Hack held during Techweek 2018 enabled people from the public, private and non-government sectors to share their expertise and learn about the challenges and opportunities of turning legislation into code to support public service delivery. Brigette Metzler, an Australian Public Servant who participated in the Better Rules Hack, provides her perspective and reflects on quickly building a team with a unified sense of purpose and understanding,…

  • 3. Integrate security and privacy proportionate to risk from the outset

    Found in Standards & guidance / Digital Service Design Standard / Principles / 3. Integrate security and privacy proportionate to risk from the outset

    Consider the user and business context when applying access and security classifications.
    Evaluate security risk and privacy obligations and apply the necessary treatments at source.
    Identify the data and information the digital service will be providing or storing and address the security level, legal responsibilities, privacy issues and risks associated with the service (consulting with experts where appropriate).
    Try to make the appropriate consideration of privacy and security an ongoing par…

  • 7. Work in the open

    Found in Standards & guidance / Digital Service Design Standard / Principles / 7. Work in the open

    Ensure the ongoing integrity of your work, by sharing the evidence, decision-making, knowledge, research, and process.
    Use open standards and common government platforms where available and appropriate.
    Commit to working towards using open source software.
    Share source code where possible, proportionate to risk.
    Make all non-sensitive data and information open to the outside world for sharing and reuse under an open licence.
    Why it mattersPublic services are built with public money. So, unless t…

  • First national age-friendly forum embraces co-design and delivering value together

    Found in Blog / Published 02 July 2018 / By Merridy Marshall

    It was great to be so warmly welcomed to the first national Age-friendly Communities forum hosted by the Office for Seniors in the Grand Hall at Parliament.

    Approximately 150 representatives from local and central government, non-governmental organisations and community groups met to focus on making New Zealand an age friendly place to live.

    Members of the Service Innovation Lab team were delighted to be asked to lead a workshop. We aimed to give the group a taste of co-design which is an impo…

  • Linking to non-HTML files

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Usability / Linking to non-HTML files

    A link to a non-HTML document should provide information about the document, including a meaningful name, the file format and file size. This gives users a good idea of what to expect if they follow the link.

  • Security and privacy governance

    Found in Standards & guidance / Governance / Managing online channels / Security and privacy for websites / Foundations / Security and privacy governance

    Find out about roles and responsibilities when it comes to security and privacy.

  • Designing for security and privacy

    Found in Standards & guidance / Governance / Managing online channels / Security and privacy for websites / Designing for security and privacy

    Ensure security and privacy are built in to design and development processes and that web-based systems are fit for purpose from the outset.

  • Exploring service analytics to ensure better public services

    Found in Blog / Published 10 August 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    This blog post explores the idea that service analytics could help improve service design and delivery across government.

    By service analytics, we mean information such as web statistics, helpdesk and telephony service logs, transactional service logs and even social media statistics. This data has great value in understanding the journey and challenges of people who use government services, so we are exploring those opportunities, always making sure such data would drive systemic and service…

  • Stop Starting, Start Finishing

    Found in Blog / Published 23 August 2018 / By Amanda Baker

    Stop Starting, Start Finishing. Does Wellington need another tech meetup? Probably not. But we started one anyway.

    “Stop Starting, Start Finishing” is a meetup for developers and testers working for government. So far there are around 12 attendees and even though we are from different organisations we all working with same framework (Silverstripe) on the same infrastructure (the Common Web Platform or CWP).

    Sounds exciting, right? Wrong.The reality is that we spent the first meetup talking abo…

  • A visit to the Service Innovation Lab from Tasman District Council

    Found in Blog / Published 12 October 2018 / By Richard Liddicoat

    We at Tasman District Council have been working on modernising our organisation for a while. We have worked on a digital strategy – trying to position the organisation to better face some of the challenges of the future.

    We had some successes, and a few things that haven’t gone so well. Like many other organisations, we’ve realised how fundamental the changes are. Not only to systems and processes, but also to our culture and how we work. As a local government entity, we struggle with resourcin…

  • Geo-fencing digital advertising

    Found in Showcase

    Maritime NZ’s ‘Virtual Coastwatch’ lifejacket campaign won a gold global award for best use of technology at the international Festival of Media Awards in New York.

  • A digital native’s take on digital inclusion

    Found in Blog / Published 16 November 2018 / By Amy Bieleski

    Digital affects and impacts everyone differently. As a digital native, my perspective of digital is different - different from my parents, and my grandparents - but also different from other digital natives. Each of us has varying degrees of access to digital technologies, literacy skills, and participation with peer culture. While this is commonly accepted, what should not be accepted is the divide between those who have the access and skills to participate in the digital world, and those who d…

  • Helping more New Zealanders access online services

    Found in News

    More New Zealanders than ever will be able to access online services safely and securely with today's launch of a Digital Inclusion Blueprint, Minister Megan Woods has announced.

    Read the Minister's media release

  • Content design challenge for new online citizenship service

    Found in Blog / Published 02 December 2019 / By Kellee Candy

    A new digital service to be offered alongside a paper-based process created a design challenge for our Content team to make sure information on caters for the needs of different customers while maximising people’s awareness of the new service.

    The Content team at Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has been creating content for our brand new online citizenship application process.

    About the new online serviceFor the first time in New Zealand, applicants can apply for…

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  • Delivering What People Want

    Found in Blog / Published 18 September 2012 / By Victoria Wray

    Sometimes it feels like the world is very small.

    Let me explain. At the Department of Internal Affairs we’re preparing to redevelop As part of our initial research we have been talking with other governments—the bits that run their national portals and digital services.

    We’ve found that the issues we face are global. We are all dealing with having less money and resource, while still delivering to growing expectations of government online. The old patterns of siloed agency…

  • One step closer to beta

    Found in Blog / Published 13 June 2013 / By Jared Gulian

    Here in the redevelopment project team, we’re sharing information about the project early and often. We’re also getting feedback and making changes based on that feedback in a quick and agile way. This will help us to create a better product for our end users.

    Back in March we announced that we were kicking off work on developing our beta website. Today we’re announcing another significant milestone: a brand new preview site at

    Preview siteWe’ve launched beta.g…

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