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  • Open source for beginners

    Found in Blog / Published 11 February 2014 / By Katie Johnston

    From the very beginning of the project, we've been planning to open source our code. We're very happy to announce that we've just made our first open source release — which includes a module we're really excited about called Replicant.

    You can find all our open source code on GitHub. If you've got feedback, technical questions or comments, leave them in the comments and one of our developers will get back to you.

    For those not in the know, here's a very ba…

  • Stop Starting, Start Finishing

    Found in Blog / Published 23 August 2018 / By Amanda Baker

    Stop Starting, Start Finishing. Does Wellington need another tech meetup? Probably not. But we started one anyway.

    “Stop Starting, Start Finishing” is a meetup for developers and testers working for government. So far there are around 12 attendees and even though we are from different organisations we all working with same framework (Silverstripe) on the same infrastructure (the Common Web Platform or CWP).

    Sounds exciting, right? Wrong.The reality is that we spent the first meetup talking abo…

  • Vision & goals for — give us your feedback

    Found in Blog / Published 16 February 2016 / By Victoria Wray

    You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.

    Alvin Toffler
    Everyone is invested in government. We all own a piece of it, pay money for it via taxes, and benefit from it. As a public servant I’ve got two hats on — I experience government but I also have a part in trying to shape it while working on To make sure the work we do on is focused on the right goal and stays on the correct path, w…

  • First CWP meetup reveals what makes or breaks an intranet

    Found in Blog / Published 12 July 2017 / By Paul Murray

    The first Common Web Platform (CWP) meetup was held at SilverStripe headquarters on 15 June, 2017. The event attracted over 30 people eager to learn about what trends we’re seeing in intranets and what to watch out for when building one. We also had demonstrations of what Government agencies are doing in this space.

    The 'Intranets in the Public Sector' Lunch & LearnWe started with an introduction to intranets, uncovering pitfalls in building and running one, and revealing trends w…

  • LabPlus: Rates Rebates Discovery Report

    Found in Blog / Published 24 November 2017 / By Pia Andrews

    Within the Service Innovation work program at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), we have a range of service initiatives where we work collaboratively with other agencies, organisations and companies in our Lab to design, prototype and build better public services. This helps us identify user needs without a specific agency or government view, as well as identify reusable components that could support multiple services (in public and private sectors).

    In September our team kicked off a th…

  • Content structure

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Content design guidance / Content structure

    Using content design techniques and principles to structure a page makes it easier for users to find and understand information.

  • Page structure

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Content design guidance / Content structure / Page structure

    Use content design elements such as lists and headings to help people find what they are looking for.

  • Google Analytics screencast — An Experiment: Measuring Content Effectiveness

    Found in Blog / Published 07 October 2015 / By Nathan Wall

    This experiment focused on how we might be able to define better ways of measuring content effectiveness.

  • Making marriage easier

    Found in Blog / Published 11 July 2016 / By Lana Gibson

    Right from the start of the births, deaths and marriages (BDM) project, the team has been totally user-focused. As the analytics specialist for the team I helped them use Google Analytics to understand user needs. We also talked to colleagues from the BDM call centre about how we could help users the most. Our recent blog post, New templates for new content, talks about the call centre insights from the discovery phase. In that post we looked at the difficulty people experience…

  • Multi-Channel Publishing

    Found in Blog / Published 04 March 2013 / By Matthew Oliver

    Matthew Oliver is the Web Team Manager at Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage. In this guest post, he shares his valuable experience and lessons learnt from using new content formats for government content.

    At Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage we're starting to look beyond our current websites to re-imagine how we produce content and information for New Zealanders. We see it as two-pronged: large-scale content syndication through APIs and the like, and discret…

  • Privacy notice for

    Found in About / Privacy notice for

    This notice explains how and when collects personal information, what we do with it and your right to see or change it.

  • Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) government transition

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Enterprise architecture / Architecture resources / Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) government transition

    Government agencies are required to transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) so that key public and internal systems and websites meet accessibility and international standards.

  • Client needs, business requirements and the redevelopment of the Work and Income website

    Found in Blog / Published 23 August 2016 / By Alison Jack

    Where to startI spent almost 2 years working on the project. During that time I helped develop the content model and methodologies around the best way to present information to users when they transact with government. You can read about what I learned from that project in my previous blog posts. When I came back to the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), I was tasked with using the same models to improve the Work and Income website.

    I started with research. I was lucky to have access…

  • Building the future of government service delivery: week 1 at Lab+

    Found in Blog / Published 21 April 2017 / By Pia Andrews

    The Lab+ work is being led by the Service Innovation Team in the Department of Internal Affairs. It is part of the Better Public Services Result 10 agenda, which is focused on making the digital interactions with government far easier for citizens.

    TL;DR — we are experimenting with a new model for government services based on the idea of government information, services and rules being available as APIs, enabling citizen needs to be served through a diverse ecosystem of public and private secto…

  • User testing — an optimal experience

    Found in Blog / Published 22 May 2014 / By Andrea Key

    Optimal Experience have just completed the third and final round of user testing on the beta site. Their findings reassured us that we’re on the right track.

    Why test a beta site?The industry feedback we’ve received is invaluable and we’ve used it to refine a number of aspects of the site — thank you. is designed for our end users — ordinary New Zealanders — and it’s their needs we’ve been striving to meet. User testing works: it addresses functionality, interface design and conten…

  • CWP Case Study: New Zealand Blood Service

    Found in Blog / Published 10 July 2015 / By Asuka Burge

    What does the New Zealand Blood Service do?The New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) was created in 1998 to provide safe, appropriate and timely access to blood and tissue products and related services to meet New Zealanders’ health needs. NZBS is responsible for developing an integrated national blood transfusion process from the collection drives to the transfusion of blood products within a hospital environment: a “vein-to-vein” transfusion service.

    For NZBS, our website provides important inform…

  • Terms and conditions

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Government domain names / Manage your domains / Terms and conditions

    By applying for a name in this space, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions associated with this name space, and the standard terms and conditions required by the Domain Name Commissioner (DNC).

  • Structured content – the next step for government content?

    Found in Blog / Published 24 June 2019 / By Alison Jack

    Alison Jack, Senior Product Owner at DIA, discusses the work being done in the Service Innovation Lab on the structured content model.

  • GovHackNZ 2015: Inspiring use of data

    Found in Blog / Published 10 August 2015 / By Paul Stone

    Rowan Smith, Nadia Webster, and I were privileged to attend GovHack 2015 at the Wellington venue in early July. Over 3,000 people across two countries (Australia and New Zealand) gave up their entire weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening to re-kindle the data-hacking community and create things that will be of benefit to our society using open data. About 150 keen people participated in the Wellington event. Even the Minister of Finance put in an appearance early on Saturday.

    The compet…

  • We Built a Site Just to Throw it Away

    Found in Blog / Published 18 March 2013 / By Nathan Wall

    We’ve just completed the ‘alpha’ phase of the project to redevelop by creating a prototype website. Prototyping is a method used to get feedback from users about future designs. In recent times, many governments around the world have used prototyping as a way of increasing the user-centred focus of the site they’re building.

    We built our prototype site knowing we’d throw it away to make something that was better. This is kind of scary stuff, and not how most of the project te…

  • Service Innovation Lab - shaping government services around entry to adulthood

    Found in Blog / Published 12 June 2019 / By Matt McCallum

    In this blog, Matt McCallum reports on work commissioned by DIA’s Service, Delivery and Operations branch to explore how young people went about using government services as they transitioned into adulthood. The Service Innovation Lab supported the work, leading the design and research to gather the insights that will help SDO determine whether to progress this to a specific project.

  • Lab+: All-of-Government Services Finder

    Found in Blog / Published 14 July 2017 / By Susan Diamond

    BackgroundFrom the people perspective, there is no end-to-end view of cross-agency user journeys in the government web domain. This is a problem for several reasons:

    people can only find information about services in separate, incomplete chunks with little or no details on how to transition from one agency to another
    staff only see the portion of the journey that their agency handles
    the system has gaps where people get lost when their journey moves from one agency to another.
    Our hypothesis in…

  • Lab+: Why I took time away from a perfectly good job to take on a secondment

    Found in Blog / Published 24 July 2017 / By Jennifer Geard

    The TL;DR version
    Because people were brainstorming and working out how we can make better government services online, and that’s my jam.
    To try techniques — like the Google Ventures design sprint — to see if they’d be useful back home at PHARMAC.
    To explore ways of connecting people across agencies to make joined-up services without centralising the whole shebang.
    I manage online government services.

    I’ve led the web teams for the old LTSA/LandTransportNZ (now NZ Transport Agency) and Ministry…

  • Designing content before designing the website

    Found in Blog / Published 21 October 2013 / By Alison Jack

    On the project, we designed the content before we designed the website. This happened in part because we had a delay in getting development resources on board when we started work on the beta website. This delay proved to be a blessing in disguise because it helped us design a better site.

    Design usually comes firstWhen I’ve worked on websites in the past, the designers and developers have toiled away and presented me a lovely designed site with templates and a framework for my content.…

  • Common Web Platform first update

    Found in Blog / Published 18 December 2013 / By Bene Anderson

    Bene Anderson, product manager for the Common Web Platform (CWP), shares the first in a regular series of updates regarding the CWP.

    Welcome to the first edition of the Common Web Platform (CWP) newsletter. By creating these posts I aim to keep agency staff and their web providers up to date with what’s happening on the CWP. I will be providing information about what agencies are doing, as well as work undertaken by DIA, SilverStripe and Revera.

    I will publish a newsletter every 2 months. If y…

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