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  • Desktop as a Service

    Found in Products & services / Products and services A-Z / Desktop as a Service

    Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a provider hosted and managed desktop service that accommodates virtual and traditional desktops and a variety of service and management models. DaaS removes the need for agencies to operate or maintain their own desktop IT infrastructure.

  • Emerging Tech: Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Found in Blog / Published 16 February 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    TL;DRAs part of a regular Emerging Technology series the Service Integration team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to share how they were using Virtual and Augmented Reality to engage or train people, or perform tasks.

    The technology behind Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has advanced significantly. It now provides opportunities to deliver empathetic and insightful experiences that help people get close…

  • Design Overhaul

    Found in Blog / Published 05 February 2015 / By Meg Howie

    In December last year, I and two other designers from Open Lab, Laura Prescott and Finlay Brazier, spent a month reviewing the design and structure of the website. As recent graduates from Massey’s School of Design, and reluctant users of government websites ourselves, we were excited to have a chance to work on a project that could make navigating government much easier for a lot of people.

    The briefOur initial brief was based around the goals of to design and deliver informat…

  • Using Kumu to share our research

    Found in Blog / Published 10 July 2019 / By Matt McCallum

    How the Service Innovation Lab used Kumu to share learnings from their design research.

  • LabPlus: Lessons about service innovation at French State Incubator

    Found in Blog / Published 01 May 2018 / By Matti Schneider , Pia Andrews

    Presentation by Matti Schneider 

    On 6 April 2018, we had the privilege of having Matti Schneider, visiting New Zealand from France, provide an impromptu presentation at the Service Innovation Lab about his experience in running the French Government State Incubator, This included examples of State Startups such as the open data portal and social network,, and OpenFisca, a benefits and taxation modelling tool we are now exploring for use in New Zealand.

    Matti demonstr…

  • Lab+: Why I took time away from a perfectly good job to take on a secondment

    Found in Blog / Published 24 July 2017 / By Jennifer Geard

    The TL;DR version
    Because people were brainstorming and working out how we can make better government services online, and that’s my jam.
    To try techniques — like the Google Ventures design sprint — to see if they’d be useful back home at PHARMAC.
    To explore ways of connecting people across agencies to make joined-up services without centralising the whole shebang.
    I manage online government services.

    I’ve led the web teams for the old LTSA/LandTransportNZ (now NZ Transport Agency) and Ministry…

  • LabPlus: Exploring optimistic futures

    Found in Blog / Published 20 February 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    TL;DRIf we only iterate away from pain, how will we design let alone move towards a better future? This post explores the necessity of collectively exploring potential future states for how we live as individuals, organisations and community, so we can work towards something meaningful. Otherwise we run the risk of simply recreating the past with shiny new things. It covers some work we are doing to explore optimistic futures.

    See the Optimistic Futures for 2070 event happening this week for al…

  • Better Rules Hack - Wellington

    Found in Blog / Published 15 June 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    The Service Innovation Lab (the Lab) partnered up with Legal Hackers NZ and Accenture to run the Wellington Better Rules Hack as part of Techweek’18. This weekend event explored the ideas and practice of turning legislation into machine-consumable ‘digital rules’ that can be reused and integrated across domains for the benefit of government, businesses, individuals, and communities. Around 40 people attended the event, which was hosted by Assurity and sponsored by Accenture, Catalyst Cloud, Ensp…

  • Emerging Tech: Measurement

    Found in Blog / Published 07 December 2017 / By Nadia Webster

    TL;DRAs part of a regular Emerging Technology series the Service Integration team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), in partnership with the Ministry for Social Development (MSD), brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to share how they were using measurement to inform decision-making.

    Good measurement helps us understand the impacts of our actions and interventions. The presenters shared how they use sensors, data and analytics to pilot new ways to communic…

  • Turning the rules of government into code using OpenFisca

    Found in Blog / Published 12 June 2018 / By Matti Schneider , Nadia Webster

    At a recent Service Innovation Open Lab session, Matti Schneider presented OpenFisca, an open source computational law engine. Matti, who worked as the OpenFisca Product Owner for the French government, explained how the tool works and its benefits for public service delivery and evidence based policy development through modelling.

  • All of Government Innovation Showcase

    Found in Showcase

    Better for Business and the Office of the GCDO (Government Chief Digital Officer) presented the All-of-Government (AoG) innovation showcase on Tuesday 3 December 2019 at Te Papa.

  • Digital Public Service Hui 2021

    Found in Digital government / Data, Digital and Security Summit — July 2023 / Previous events / Digital Public Service Hui 2021

    The Hui was held on 26 August 2021 for senior digital leaders from across New Zealand government to share their contributions to digital government and learn from their peers.

  • Jonathan Mosen speaks to the Service Innovation Lab team about accessibility

    Found in Blog / Published 27 July 2018 / By Siobhan McCarthy

    Jonathan Mosen is an accessibility specialist and advocate, author, and broadcaster. He is also totally blind. Jonathan called for an inquiry into this year’s census after he found it incredibly difficult for those with vision impairment to complete.

    We, at the Service Innovation Lab team, asked Jonathan to visit the Lab to talk to us and other service designers about designing accessible services for those who are blind or visually impaired.

    Jonathan spoke about what it is like accessing (or…

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