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  • What we copied from the UK, and what we didn’t

    Found in Blog / Published 05 November 2013 / By Jared Gulian

    When we launched the website in August 2013, people noticed its striking similarity to a certain website from the United Kingdom, GOV.UK. That was no accident. The UK website is an open source project that seeks to radically redefine government online delivery and share those innovations with the world. We took them at their word.

    But what exactly did we borrow from the UK? And more importantly, what did we do to ensure that our solution meets the specific needs of New Zealanders?…

  • helping older people access government services

    Found in Blog / Published 18 February 2016 / By Lana Gibson

    User quote from research session

    Last year we had our first discovery phase, where we looked into whether can help older people find out about and use the government services they’re entitled to. This group are notoriously difficult to get online, so we went in with our eyes open to the possibility that might not be much use for them. But by targeting family members and expert intermediaries as well as older people themselves, and creating clear, concise content that’s easy to r…

  • Developing a digital identity trust framework — workshop findings

    Found in Blog / Published 12 July 2019 / By Emma O'Connell

    Emma O'Connell writes about the workshops underway to gather, check and re-check the evidence that'll help produce a digital identity trust framework discussion document for public consultation.

  • design update

    Found in Blog / Published 05 December 2013 / By Nathan Wall

    We recently talked about some of what we found in our last round of user testing. As well as our user research sessions, we’ve been collecting feedback from people looking at the beta site — there have been a few common patterns that have influenced our priorities in a big way.

    The changes we just releasedWe’ve been making our way through the reports, prioritising design work for the biggest problems and diving into some quick fixes. Today we released:

    an updated homepage
    font size and colour…

  • New platform for government DNS now coming in May

    Found in News

    Details are now available on the timing of the DNS platform transition, blackout periods, and what you should do to prepare for the change.

  • People aren’t here to enjoy themselves

    Found in Blog / Published 27 January 2014 / By Nathan Wall

    A quote from the user testing we did on the site at the end of last year:

    People aren’t here to enjoy themselves; they’re here to find information.

    User research on beta.govt.nzSince we’re a beta site, we’re continuing to talk to users to help prioritise our development effort. We’ve already published a few things we learned and the assumptions we’d made that turned out to be false.

    Our research objectivesWe explored 3 main areas:

    Was the content on the beta site using the langu…

  • Securing your CMS accounts

    Found in News

    Later this month two-factor authentication (2FA) will be turned on across the websites run by the team:, and We’ve decided to require 2FA following CERT NZ guidance on making sure accounts are secure.

    If you have a content management system (CMS) login to one of these websites, you’ll need to set up 2FA by 27 September 2019, or you’ll be prompted to do it when you log in. Now is also a good time to change your password.

    Resetting your passw…

  • What is Better Rules?

    Found in Blog / Published 20 December 2019 / By Hamish Fraser

    The Better Rules concept offers a fresh approach for multidisciplinary teams when developing policy. This approach provides them with the tools to develop a coherent concept model and potential rule set for the policy topic they’re focusing on.

  • Digital inclusion ‘nuggets’ from NetHui 2019

    Found in Blog / Published 11 October 2019 / By Marita Vandenberg

    Department of Internal Affairs’ Service Innovation Team members share ‘nuggets’ from sessions they attended at last week’s NetHui.

  • Listening to the voice of youth in policy development

    Found in Blog / Published 24 March 2020 / By Merrin Macleod

    How do we ensure more young people have a say in how government policy is made? And how do we ensure government listens to their voices?

  • Insights from the Rates Rebate Beta

    Found in Blog / Published 11 September 2019 / By Karyn Brice

    Background and key insights from the research completed for the rates rebate application form beta.

  • Victim of Crime Life Event: Service Design nitty gritty

    Found in Blog / Published 08 June 2018 / By Emma Martin

    Guest blog post from Emma Martin, New Zealand Police.

    Greetings again from the Victim of Crime Life Event (VoCLE) team based at Police National Headquarters. In our last post, we provided some background about our project. In this post, we’ll share some of what we’ve learned about victims of crime, in the context of integrated service delivery.

    People may not see themselves as ‘victims’‘Victim’ has a specific legal meaning within the Victims’ Right Act 2002. But the term may not always match p…

  • Using the Web in Earthquake Recovery

    Found in Blog / Published 25 March 2013 / By Julian Carver

    Julian Carver was the acting Chief Information Officer at the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) to June 2012. In this guest post, he shares the experiences gained and lessons learned in using the web to deliver interactive maps to the public following the 2011 Canterbury earthquake.

    A picture can paint a thousand words. In an earthquake recovery, interactive maps are worth a million.

    February 22nd 2011, 12:51pm, I'm working from home, lying on my bed, reading email on my iPh…

  • Making it easier to sell and buy a property: exploring the Notice of Sale process

    Found in Blog / Published 15 October 2018 / By Glen Thurston

    In August 2018, the All-of-Government Service Innovation Lab (DIA) led a collaboration with Auckland Council, Land Information New Zealand (Valuer General), Tauranga City Council, Wellington City Council and Whangarei District Council to explore the Notice of Sale (the Notice) process as part of the ‘selling and buying a property’ life event.

  • Choose a domain name

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Government domain names / Choose a domain name

    How to choose a domain name, what you can include in domain names, and why you should usually avoid registering variations of a domain name.

  • Emerging Tech: Artificial Intelligence and what feeds it

    Found in Blog / Published 13 June 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    As part of our Emerging Technology series and as part of Techweek’18 the Service Innovation Lab (the Lab) team brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to explore:

    What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)?
    What are the impacts of AI/ML on New Zealand's government, economy and education system?
    How can they be used for better service delivery?
    What are are the requirements and preconditions for AI/ML use for service delivery?
    AIs are either app…

  • Redevelopment of

    Found in Blog / Published 09 July 2013 / By Jared Gulian referred to in this post is now

    The Digital Engagement Team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is in the process of redeveloping the website. The presentation below talks about the problem we’re trying to solve, the iterative and agile approach we’re taking, the prototype we developed, and the user testing and research we’ve done so far. At the end we talk about how we’re re-using open source code from the United Kingdom, and we show some…

  • Emerging Tech: Measurement

    Found in Blog / Published 07 December 2017 / By Nadia Webster

    TL;DRAs part of a regular Emerging Technology series the Service Integration team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), in partnership with the Ministry for Social Development (MSD), brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to share how they were using measurement to inform decision-making.

    Good measurement helps us understand the impacts of our actions and interventions. The presenters shared how they use sensors, data and analytics to pilot new ways to communic…

  • Archives moving services online

    Found in Blog / Published 31 May 2019 / By Denise Williams

    In this blog, Denise Williams, Director Transformation at Archives NZ, writes about how Archives is moving their services online.

  • Emerging Tech: APIs for service delivery

    Found in Blog / Published 07 March 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    TL;DRAs part of a regular Emerging Technology series the Service Integration team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to share how they were using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for service delivery and ways we could improve service delivery with other approaches.

    APIs are a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. They are not an emerging technology as they have been…

  • Redevelopment of the domain name service

    Found in Blog / Published 09 July 2013 / By Jason Kiss

    The domain is managed by the Government Information Services (GIS) group of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). GIS serves as official registrar and moderator for domain names.

    Operation of the domain name servers and maintenance of zone files are outsourced to an external provider. The provider also hosts and maintains the website that Government clients use to request domain names and changes to their zone data. This online application is outdated…

  • Emerging Tech: Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Found in Blog / Published 16 February 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    TL;DRAs part of a regular Emerging Technology series the Service Integration team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to share how they were using Virtual and Augmented Reality to engage or train people, or perform tasks.

    The technology behind Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has advanced significantly. It now provides opportunities to deliver empathetic and insightful experiences that help people get close…

  • Turning the rules of government into code using OpenFisca

    Found in Blog / Published 12 June 2018 / By Matti Schneider , Nadia Webster

    At a recent Service Innovation Open Lab session, Matti Schneider presented OpenFisca, an open source computational law engine. Matti, who worked as the OpenFisca Product Owner for the French government, explained how the tool works and its benefits for public service delivery and evidence based policy development through modelling.

  • LabPlus: Exploring optimistic futures

    Found in Blog / Published 20 February 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    TL;DRIf we only iterate away from pain, how will we design let alone move towards a better future? This post explores the necessity of collectively exploring potential future states for how we live as individuals, organisations and community, so we can work towards something meaningful. Otherwise we run the risk of simply recreating the past with shiny new things. It covers some work we are doing to explore optimistic futures.

    See the Optimistic Futures for 2070 event happening this week for al…

  • Jonathan Mosen speaks to the Service Innovation Lab team about accessibility

    Found in Blog / Published 27 July 2018 / By Siobhan McCarthy

    Jonathan Mosen is an accessibility specialist and advocate, author, and broadcaster. He is also totally blind. Jonathan called for an inquiry into this year’s census after he found it incredibly difficult for those with vision impairment to complete.

    We, at the Service Innovation Lab team, asked Jonathan to visit the Lab to talk to us and other service designers about designing accessible services for those who are blind or visually impaired.

    Jonathan spoke about what it is like accessing (or…

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