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  • Web Standards clinics cancelled during COVID-19 lockdown

    Found in News

    The Web Standards clinics offer advice on web accessibility for New Zealand Government web content and are led by Jason Kiss at the Department of Internal Affairs.

  • GEA-NZ dimension: Infrastructure

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Enterprise architecture / GEA-NZ  framework / Dimensions of the GEA-NZ framework / GEA-NZ dimension: Infrastructure

    The infrastructure dimension is one of the 4 core dimensions that represent the operational aspects of your enterprise architecture.

  • Data management

    Found in Standards & guidance / Data / Data management

    Data management is about how your data moves through a data lifecycle: plan, collect, short-term storage, analysis, publish and preserve. At each stage you need to consider New Zealand data policies and adopt best practice when looking at how your data is stored, published and used.

  • The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

    Found in Digital government / Strategy / Digital Strategy for Aotearoa and Action Plan / The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

    The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa aims to secure Aotearoa New Zealand’s place as a world-leading, trusted, thriving digital nation.

  • New platform for government DNS now coming in May

    Found in News

    Details are now available on the timing of the DNS platform transition, blackout periods, and what you should do to prepare for the change.

  • Manage your domains

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Government domain names / Manage your domains

    How to manage your domain names using the government DNS Management Portal, transfer domains to the government DNS nameservers, and get support.

  • User insights research on disability aims to improve online services and design

    Found in Blog / Published 21 October 2020 / By Deshan Gamage

    As a customer experience (UX) researcher I firmly believe talking directly to real people in the community provides the rare and rich opportunity to gain insights.

  • Insights from the Rates Rebate Beta

    Found in Blog / Published 11 September 2019 / By Karyn Brice

    Background and key insights from the research completed for the rates rebate application form beta.

  • A/B/C/D/Evolving the homepage design

    Found in Blog / Published 05 December 2014 / By Nathan Wall

    When launched in July this year we’d already completed several rounds of user research. The design of the site and the layout of the homepage had changed a lot since we launched the first beta version the previous year.

    How users are getting to our homepageAfter several months, we started to see some interesting patterns in our website analytics. A lot of people were searching Google using terms like:

    “new zealand government” (and various alternative versions)
    “nz government website”

  • Web analytics dashboards: making reporting simple and easy

    Found in Blog / Published 06 July 2015 / By Sarah Young

    Over the last few months I have been working with Nathan Wall finding out how agencies manage their web analytics reporting and what their needs are. We’ve now created some easy to understand dashboard reports. It’s a solution that:

    can be automated
    will help agencies with routine web analytics reporting
    will encourage consistent and common reporting across government
    will reduce the feeling some people have of being overwhelmed by data.
    Creating easier to understand dashboard reportsDashboards…

  • Common Web Platform: We’re just beginning

    Found in Blog / Published 04 November 2013 / By Bene Anderson

    On September 16 2013, the Common Web Platform (CWP) was officially launched. While this marks the end of an action-packed 8 month project, for CWP it’s just the beginning.

    How did CWP come about?
    July 2011 — the Rethink Online Strategy called for new approach to how government invests in and manages its online channels in order to achieve better customer experience, improved value for money, and increased strategic agility.
    August 2011 — a cross-agency working group was created to establish the…

  • Result 10: Measuring pain points in customer research

    Found in Blog / Published 02 June 2015 / By Corinne Cordes

    The Result 10 Customer Research measured a series of pain points that people experienced when dealing with government. We measured both how often people experienced them and how much they mattered.

  • Digital inclusion of disabled people needs traction

    Found in News

    Disabled people continue to be disadvantaged by their ability to engage with digital services, according to a new report — Digital inclusion user insights for disabled people.

  • Information sharing instruments

    Found in Standards & guidance / Privacy, security and risk / Privacy / Manage a privacy programme / Sharing personal information / Information sharing instruments

    Personal information can be shared between agencies using AISAs, IMAs, MoUs and Information Privacy Principle 11 exceptions.

  • Domestic legislation

    Found in Standards & guidance / Privacy, security and risk / Privacy / Public sector responsibility / Domestic legislation

    The handling of personal information in New Zealand is governed by the Privacy Act, privacy codes and other legislation.

  • Privacy and personal information

    Found in Standards & guidance / Governance / Managing online channels / Security and privacy for websites / Foundations / Privacy and personal information

    If your agency collects personal information, you need to keep it safe and treat it with care.

  • Supporting critical risk management in New Zealand's ports industry

    Found in Showcase

    Port environments are inherently complex and high risk operations. With the introduction of new health and safety legislation in April 2016, New Zealand ports asked us for clarification on some aspects of the law in the context of their work.

  • Common Process Model

    Found in Products & services / Products and services A-Z / Common Process Model

    The All-of-Government (AoG) Common Process Model is a cloud-based set of standard business processes available to all government agencies.

  • Key concepts of the Trust Framework

    Found in Digital government / Programmes and projects / Digital Identity Programme / Digital Identity Services Trust Framework / Key concepts of the Trust Framework

    Read an overview of what the Trust Framework will and will not allow. This information addresses frequently asked questions and clarifies some misconceptions.

  • Authentication Assurance Standard

    Found in Standards & guidance / Identification management / Identification Management Standards / Authentication Assurance Standard

    This standard provides the controls used to ensure that 1 or more authenticators are still possessed and solely controlled by the authorised holder.

  • Open Government Partnership

    Found in Digital government / International partnerships / Open Government Partnership

    The Open Government Partnership is an international initiative where signatory countries work to be more open, accountable and responsive to citizens. Using new technologies is a part of this.

  • Assess the risks of using a public cloud service

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Cloud services / Risks assessments before using public cloud services / Assess the risks of using a public cloud service

    Complete your risk assessment — to help with this, use your answers to the relevant questions in the tool for public cloud services.

  • Being a public double agent in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Found in Blog / Published 06 July 2018 / By Matti Schneider

    Guest blog post from Matti Schneider, a nomadic public service innovator.

    I had been in Wellington for two months when I learned through Legal Hackers there was a local event for the first worldwide Computational Law & Blockchain Festival.

    As I had briefly worked with a cryptocurrency venture in Aotearoa New Zealand, met a couple of founders of blockchain-based technologies in Japan, and assessed the use of blockchain for citizen identity storage in France back in 2016, I was interested in…

  • Website checker pilot puts focus on accessibility

    Found in Blog / Published 02 October 2023 / By Callum McMenamin , Michael Stuart

    Government agencies are using scan results to fix issues and integrate accessibility into development workflows.

  • Google Analytics screencast — Tip #7: Going With the Flow

    Found in Blog / Published 05 October 2015 / By Nathan Wall

    User flows can sometimes confuse and overwhelm people. Find out easy ways to use them so you can learn about user behaviour on your website.

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