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  • Writing for search engines

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Content design guidance / Writing for search engines

    If you write for your readers, you’re writing for search engines.

  • Helping users find what they’re looking for

    Found in Blog / Published 28 October 2014 / By Alison Jack

    Since returning from my secondment to the project, I’ve been using what I learned to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of the Work and Income website.

    The Work and Income brand
    I thought that most Kiwis would navigate straight to the website because it’s so well known. I didn’t expect high numbers for people coming from search engines.

    Imagine my surprise that since January 2014 around 72% of external sessions originated at organic search (eg Google, Bing etc). In September…

  • Analytics training helps define user needs

    Found in Blog / Published 28 May 2015 / By Lana Gibson

    The Government Information Services (GIS) group in the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has just completed a round of training to help government digital teams use data to improve agency websites. It’s based on sessions I designed for GOV.UK to help define user needs with analytics.

    Sharing knowledgeIn the last couple of months I’ve trained over 50 people from around 15 agencies in seven sessions. Of these, 38 completed surveys, which gives us great user insight for our user insight trainin…

  • Why make videos accessible?

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Accessibility / Videos / Why make videos accessible?

    It’s both a human right and a government mandate to make videos accessible to disabled people. Accessible videos improve usability for everyone and are more likely to appear in search results.

  • A-Z of content design guidance

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Content design guidance / A-Z of content design guidance

    An alphabetised list of all topics in the content design guidance.

  • Channelling Sherlock Holmes

    Found in Blog / Published 01 May 2013 / By Victoria Wray

    It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

    A Scandal in Bohemia
    You’ll be glad to hear that we, like Sherlock Holmes, are not going to pick our content for the Beta website with the help of gut instinct or divination. In line with our commitment to being user-centred, we are using evidence of what people want or what needs fixing to give us a first cut of priority services…

  • Sorted and the thin content experience

    Found in Blog / Published 27 November 2013 / By Jane Ratcliffe

    Agencies across New Zealand government are now working with the project team to fact check the content on Jane Ratcliffe, the digital product manager for shares her experience.

    The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income runs the website, the independent money guide for Kiwis. After orientation from the team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), Bev, our trusty web publisher here at the Commission, tackled the task…

  • Google Tag Manager: Why it’s the new hotness and how not to get burned

    Found in Blog / Published 09 October 2015 / By Giles Boutel

    For many, Google Analytics (GA) has become a de facto standard for web stats. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s easy to implement, and it will send you a lovely graph-laden PDF for reading, printing or framing, and to tell your boss how your website is doing.

    But GA has some disadvantages:

    GA tracks page-views based on URLs for pages that have the code embedded. If you want to track special activity like video watches or outward link clicks, you either have to place code in the HTML for each item…

  • Rates Rebate — content changes lead to better experience, more users

    Found in Blog / Published 14 June 2019 / By Lana Gibson

    The Service Innovation Lab team has been working alongside DIA Service Delivery to improve the experience for people claiming rates rebates. Now in Beta phase, Lana writes about how we're testing the new online rates rebate application process with 3 councils.

  • Choose a domain name

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Government domain names / Choose a domain name

    How to choose a domain name, what you can include in domain names, and why you should usually avoid registering variations of a domain name.

  • Current suppliers

    Found in Products & services / Current suppliers

    This is a list of New Zealand and internationally owned suppliers signed up to all-of-government (AoG) contracts where the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the lead agency.

  • Videos

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / Accessibility / Videos

    Make your video content accessible to a wide range of people.

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