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Born from MBIE's Better for Business Accelerator, 2Shakes is cloud software that onboards clients, gets authority to act for them, workflows signatures and records signed contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. We save hours of work for business, we save government from processing thousands of paper forms.

2Shakes core team brings together their passion and expertise: Mike Kelly's desire to 'join up government', Oliver Seiler GovtTech & API evangelist & Ata McGregor's search for a way to give control over who acts on your behalf.

Diagram showing the reduced effort required to sign up a new client using 2Shake

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This diagram shows the effort required to sign up a new client, the same information reported manually to many government agencies and other organisations. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) will add to this burden. 2Shakes is able to reduce this effort.

2Shakes are experts of automating authority, in electronic signatures and in cross-organisation integration.

2Shakes — we are a new model for GovtTech Innovation

The legal and technical challenges involved in authority is keeping Government stuck with paper signed consent forms. Add in the complication of trying to align the work programmes of large organisations and you have a problem that needs a new model to solve it. Like 2Shakes!

Diagram showing 2Shakes in the centre of a range of interactions

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This diagram shows 2Shakes in the centre of a range of interactions, whether it is accepting and validating data from a web form, accessing NZBN data via API, capturing electronic signatures or storing the completed authority forms on the blockchain for secure storage.

How 2Shakes works

1. Get agreement

  • Capture the services, fees, T&C agreed with your client in minutes.
  • 2Shakes integrates with MBIE Companies Office to pull down contact and director details. Saving you time.
  • Customise 2Shakes with your branding, set your preferences or use our pre-set options.

Screenshot of the client's view of the agreement details

2. E-sign

  • Client electronically signs using a mobile phone or email easily from anywhere.
  • ALL paperwork is signed in one step. We notify organisations like ACC, IR, Companies Office to set you up with authority to act for the new client. You can capture Proof of Identity at signing too (AML).
  • Create client records at a click of a button to drop the new client into Xero practice manager or Excel.

Diagram showing signing screen and integration with organisations

3. Paperwork sorted

  • All your completed paperwork is securely stored in the cloud. No filing, no lost papers. You can print or resend anytime you need to.
  • It's easy to show proof of compliance, and prove clients have authorised you and received correct notice and declarations.
  • Agreements are HASHed and stored on the Etherium Blockchain for security.

✔ Signed Agreement
✔ Terms & Conditions
✔ Statement of Position
✔ Declaration & Consent
✔ Authority Letters
✔ Authority Forms
✔ Blockchain Security

Don't reinvent the wheel. Pilot or Prototype to see how 2Shakes can help!

2Shakes wants to reuse our technology to help government get rid of paper authority forms.

Contact us to have a chat

021 0699 535


This initiative was created as part of the Better for Business collective.

Better for Business: 10 agencies — one vision

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