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Service design tools

These tools can help you test ideas and products with real users so you design services that work for people. There are also tools to help you present research in a meaningful way and bring it to life.

Research methods

User research helps us understand how to create services that people find easy to use. Researching patterns of use, how people behave, and their circumstances and needs, gives service designers insights to help create better services. User research is sometimes called ‘customer insight’ as it generates insights into how customers think and behave.

There are 2 types of user research: primary and secondary research.

Examples of primary research include:

Secondary research doesn’t involve direct contact with users. It can include literature reviews, international scans of what’s happening elsewhere, and data analysis (or ‘data mining’) using quantitative sources (like statistics).

Making meaning from research

Below are some tools for presenting research in a meaningful way, and bringing it to life.

User testing techniques

Testing ideas and products with real users helps us design services that work for people. Below are some tools to help you.

Other tools and techniques

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