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User testing analysis

Once you’ve completed user testing, it’s important to sort the findings into results which can be used to improve the service.

Gather observations

Identify where users experienced problems or confusion with the service, and then prioritise which problems to address, based on their impact and how often they came up in testing.

It can be useful to group them into:

  • critical — major fixes that must occur for the user to complete a task
  • serious — issues which irritate and make the process frustrating for the user, or where the user gave up
  • minor — smaller issues which made it harder for the user to complete a task, but didn’t stop them from completing it.

Present your findings

How you present your findings will depend on what you've agreed with your project manager. You might:

  • summarise the test
  • recommend the top things to change
  • list other recommendations and their importance
  • include direct quotes from the participant
  • identify any group patterns and common observations from multiple participants.

Be careful of:

  • opinions without rationale
  • participant’s predictions (such as ‘this page is going to be too cluttered like this’)
  • general praise or criticism.

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