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The principles are the core of the standard and set out the 12 high-level purpose statements, and objectives of the standard. They are fixed and formally signed-off pending any further review.

  1. Identify your users and understand their ongoing needs
  2. Be clear about what you are trying to change and why
  3. Integrate security and privacy proportionate to risk from the outset
  4. Be inclusive, and provide ethical and equitable services
  5. Design and resource for the full lifetime of the service
  6. Create and empower an interdisciplinary team
  7. Work in the open
  8. Collaborate widely, reuse and enable reuse by others
  9. Design for our unique constitutional and cultural environment
  10. Use digital technologies to enhance service delivery
  11. Be a good data and information steward
  12. Be transparent and accountable to the public

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