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Digital Investment Office

The Digital Investment Office supports the Government Chief Digital Officer with its oversight of digital investments across the Public Service to ensure investments are efficient and support government outcomes.

The Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) is the Cabinet-mandated system lead responsible for oversight of digital investments made by Public Service agencies.

The GCDO established the Digital Investment Office (DIO) to help with this responsibility. The DIO encourages the efficiency of agencies’ digital investments and makes sure they align with the Strategy for a Digital Public Service and wider system outcomes.

What the DIO does

The DIO supports the GCDO in its role of overseeing Public Service agencies’ digital investments by:

  • developing system direction and priorities for government digital investments where required
  • assessing digital initiatives against the digital, data, and information and communication technology (ICT) investment principles
  • providing advice to agencies, The Treasury and ministers on digital investments including investments from baseline to investments going through the Budget process
  • using system-wide visibility of digital initiatives to identify risks and opportunities, and support possible system responses
  • connecting agencies together and with common all-of-government (AoG) cross-government processes, tools or infrastructure that provide efficient and effective investment options
  • working with other functional leads such as the Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO), Chief Data Steward (GCDS), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and The Treasury as required to support system settings that maximise the impact of digital services.

How the DIO works with agencies

The DIO supports Public Service agencies through a range of activities across the Digital Public Service branch using existing engagement channels. This includes:

  • engaging early with agencies on digital initiatives to provide guidance that will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome
  • providing practical advice, tools, and other help that the GCDO can provide
  • sharing the visibility and insights the GCDO has across the system from agency investment data and the lessons learnt
  • connecting and coordinating initiatives and agencies where possible to maximise the reuse of expertise and resources across the system
  • enabling common cross-government processes, tools or infrastructure for system benefits
  • supporting agencies through the GCDO’s assurance role.

GCDO works closely with The Treasury

The Treasury is accountable for developing and maintaining the rules and processes around investment management for major projects and programmes. Agencies planning major ICT or digital initiatives should contact both The Treasury and the GCDO.

Visit The Treasury website to find information on:

Digital, data, and cyber security investment

Because there is a close connection between digital, data, and cyber security investments, the GCDO works with other system leads including the GCDS and GCISO.

Agencies should connect with the GCDS about data investments, and the GCISO regarding cyber security investments.

Key contacts

Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) and Digital Investment Office (DIO)

Data investment

Stats NZ

Cyber security investment

  • Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO)
  • Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB)

The Treasury

Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP) team

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