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State sector investment management

Investment management in the state sector is led by the New Zealand Treasury.

Within the state sector, the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) is the functional lead for digital, and the Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) is the functional lead for data.

Both the GCDO and GCDS work with government organisations and provide investment advice to the Treasury.

ICT and digital investment

The GCDO’s ICT functional leadership role includes responsibility for investment in major projects and programmes in:

  • information management
  • technology infrastructure
  • technology-enabled business processes and services
  • digital service delivery.

The Treasury is accountable for developing and maintaining the rules and processes around investment management for major projects and programmes.

When you’re planning major ICT or digital initiatives you should contact both the Treasury and the GCDO.

Investment management — NZ Treasury

Data investment

There’s also quite specific advice about how decisions on data investment and activity are made.

Use the data investment framework to develop budget bids for investment in data, information, or analytics. You’ll need to demonstrate alignment to one or more of the framework’s 6 focus areas:

  • data analytics
  • federated data approach
  • customer-centric data management
  • open and protected data
  • actively support data sharing
  • evident leadership and coordination

When you’re seeking investment in data, information or analytics, you should contact both the Treasury and the GCDS.

Data investment framework


At a system level managing investments strategically means that:

  • investment decisions are informed and prioritised well and align with government’s long-term goals
  • investments deliver high public value
  • investment decision making and asset management across the State sector is robust, transparent, effective and efficient.

Within the ICT and digital space, the focus on prioritising investments across agencies supports:

  • long-term sustainability, as re-use and common requirements can be highlighted and scaled
  • positive change, as agencies can share experience and work more collaboratively.

Managing investment strategically also makes it easier to keep the customer at the centre of government service delivery, which in turn builds trust and confidence that the New Zealand Government manages its investment well.

The Treasury has full details on benefits guidance in New Zealand.

Treasury resources — investment


ICT and Digital functional leadership

Digital Government, System Transformation

Data investment


NZ Treasury

Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP) team

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