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Benefits of using digital identity services

People and businesses benefit from setting up and using accredited digital identity services.

Helpful information sharing

Digital identity services provide another way to identify who we are, and things about ourselves. Using trusted digital identity services means less reliance on face-to-face interactions or physical identification documents.

More services can be carried out online, whether it’s for:

  • work
  • connecting socially
  • doing day-to-day tasks.

People will always have a choice about whether to use digital identity services.

Examples — day-to-day tasks needing information

You may need to share information when:

  • opening a bank account
  • selling a property
  • applying for government support
  • getting a job
  • enrolling for study.
Examples — work tasks needing information

At work you might need to:

  • act on behalf of your business or company
  • apply for permits for your company
  • show your organisation is licensed for an activity
  • prove that you are qualified to perform a task.

You’re in control of your information

You have control over your digital information — choosing when to share, or not.

  • With accredited digital identity services, your information is safe and secure.
  • Only necessary information needs to be shared for the service you are trying to access.
  • You decide what information you share, how much you share, and who you share it with.
  • Consent is key — you’ll always be asked for permission before sharing your digital information.

Digital identity services will always be optional to use.

Private and secure

Your information is held in a digital wallet on your mobile phone, computer or other device. Technology encrypts it and keeps it safe. This reduces the risk of it being misused.

Digital identity service providers accredited under the trust framework have shown that their services meet certain requirements, including privacy and security.

When you use a digital identity service — look for the accreditation mark.

The mark shows that the service provider has proven they meet the rules and regulations of the framework, and have been accredited under the Trust Framework Authority.

Business and organisational benefits

Businesses can benefit from using accredited digital identity services too.

  • Receive safe, secure, valid and verified information from people, customers and other organisations using accredited services.
  • Less reliance on in-person and paper-based services.
  • Lower risks of customer information being misused.
  • Easily share your organisational information.
Examples — businesses using accredited digital identity services

As a business or organisation, you might need to:

  • receive identity information from employees or customers
  • have an employee act on behalf of your business or company
  • onboard new staff
  • show your organisation is licensed for an activity
  • share your business details like NZBN and tax information.

More information about benefits of the trust framework

Check the benefits of the trust framework for digital identity services. These are sorted by the framework’s:

  • purpose — explaining the benefits of having a framework and regulator
  • concepts — details around privacy, security, lower risks of identity theft, and rules that include te ao Māori perspectives of identity
  • principles — the principles guide the trust framework.

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