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Sharing Value: Be inclusive from the start

Include people with experience and involvement in the delivery and use of services from the start, and throughout it, to make the greatest impact on the eventual quality and value of the insights.

Improve the value of the insights

The value of the insights from analysing people’s data or personal information depends on 2 things:

  • having good information to work with
  • being able to improve outcomes because the insights are relevant.

The Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP) stresses the importance of an inclusive approach. Agencies can ensure the quality and value of the insights by including people with the right experience and involvement in the delivery and use of services from the beginning of the work.

There are several reasons to do this, in addition to improving the relevance, usefulness and value of the insights.

  • It will help build agencies’ capacity and capability in working with data. This increases collective ability to use insights to improve outcomes and helps build trust and confidence through an inclusive approach that recognises shared outcomes.
  • It ensures the approach is informed by knowledge about the availability and quality of information, and what is involved in collecting the information.
  • It can help reduce the effort that may be involved in collecting information. For example, similar information may already be collected for similar purposes and can be lawfully used or shared.

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