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Māori-Crown relationship and Treaty obligations

The inclusion of Māori perspectives and cultural values can improve Māori trust and confidence in the handling of their personal and collective information.

Effective engagement is key to producing better quality outcomes and realising Māori-Crown partnerships.


Engaging with Māori contributes to:

  • improving agencies’ understanding of Te Ao Māori (Māori world views) when handling personal and collective information
  • developing a partnership with Māori that supports the development of effective policy options through greater awareness and understanding of the issues and opportunities 
  • help deliver improved outcomes and wellbeing for Māori.

Good engagement should complement other ways an agency collects personal information and data to deliver services to New Zealanders. 

Engagement principles

Several agencies have statutory and/or Treaty settlement obligations to engage with specific groups. Engagement should not be limited to achieving formal obligations. Processes that consider Māori participation and views are likely to be more effective.

Following Te Arawhiti’s guidance, throughout the development of an engagement process an agency should be guided by the following principles:

  • engage early 
  • be inclusive
  • think broadly.
Te Arawhiti — values of engagement

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