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API implementation guidance

Agencies and vendors can follow the API Standard and Guidelines for default guidance on API implementation to accelerate the development of government APIs.

API Standard and Guidelines

The API Standard and Guidelines is published in 2 parts:

  • Part A - Business — includes a detailed explanation of the principles of API development as well as tips for getting started.
  • Part B - Technical — covers security considerations and design and development guidance.

Most of the specific technical guidance is marked as ‘recommended’ or ‘advisory’. However, given that 1 of the key benefits of API use is sharing information across agencies efficiently you should consult the Government Enterprise Architecture Group and its API Working Group if you are designing APIs that will be used across multiple government agencies.

Providing open public APIs:

  • supports the government-wide commitment to increasing openness and transparency by providing open access to public data the government collects and holds on behalf of taxpayers.
  • allows government and third parties' systems to work together more seamlessly
  • allows people to do what they need to do without dealing with an agency directly.

Declaration on open and transparent government

Related advice

One of the key drivers is to unlock government data sources, so APIs need to be as easy as possible for developers to discover, understand and develop against. They need to be simple to understand and well described.

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