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Government Chief Digital Officer’s role in artificial intelligence (AI)

The Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) leads the safe and trustworthy adoption and use of AI in the public service.

AI use in New Zealand’s public service

There’s a lot of interest in using AI to improve public services for New Zealanders. In , the GCDO released early, interim guidance on Generative AI use for government organisations. This guidance supports the safe and responsible use of emerging AI technologies.

Interim Generative AI guidance for the public service

As a next step, the GCDO, carried out a survey of more than 50 government organisations to get a view of the current and future use of AI in the public service.

GCDO responsibilities for AI in the public service

In , the Public Service Commissioner asked the GCDO to lead the use of AI in the public service.

The GCDO is responsible for:

  • leading AI use as the Digital system lead
  • setting standards
  • guiding government organisations in adopting and using AI
  • working with providers of AI technology.

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