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How to adopt public cloud services

What to do before using public cloud services, and how government organisations buy them and make them available to their people.

Before using public cloud tools or applications

You must consider your government organisation’s business context and do a risk assessment. The Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) has information to help with assessing the risks to information systems.

Assess the risks before using cloud services

Help with public cloud services

In addition to the information on, the GCDO has set up a network for learning about using public cloud services.

Join the Cloud Capabilities Network — help with public cloud services

Buying public cloud services one at a time

You can buy cloud services individually on a per-service basis, such as those often used for working remotely.

Tools that government organisations are using for working remotely

Using all-of-government agreements with public cloud services

To simplify contractual processes and leverage the scale of New Zealand’s government organisations as a single customer, certain public cloud services are available for purchase under an all-of-government agreement, such as the:

Allowing your organisation to use a variety of cloud services

It’s important for decision makers and designers of information and communications technology (ICT) to allow their organisations to use a wide range of commonly used cloud services. You can do this by:

  • providing a choice of tools
  • allowing your staff to connect to collaborative tools used by other organisations
  • training your people to follow best practices.

Increase agility and collaboration by allowing a variety of cloud-based tools

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