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Use your cloud plan

Check the cloud plan and affected policies in your organisation — senior managers, business unit leaders and people in other roles all have different responsibilities for using it.

Check for your organisation’s cloud plan

How to follow your organisation’s cloud plan depends on if you’re:

  • part of the senior management team
  • a leader of a business unit
  • in another role in your organisation.

Senior management team

Besides writing the cloud plan, you’re responsible for helping the people in your organisation to use it.

Leaders of business units

Check within your organisation for its cloud plan. Written and approved by your senior management team, the cloud plan ideally emphasises the approaches, instead of specific solutions, you should take when using public cloud services.

Use the cloud plan to bring your organisation’s other policies into line with it.

Business changes from the cloud plan

People in other roles

Check with the leader of your business unit for the policies affected by your organisation’s cloud plan. Follow those policies.

Major themes when using cloud plans

Major themes that come up when using cloud plans are:

Join the Cloud Capabilities Network

Joining the Cloud Capabilities Network is a good way to get help with these areas.

Help with public cloud — the Cloud Capabilities Network

In addition to the information on, the Government Chief Digital Officer has set up a network for learning about using public cloud services.

Join the Cloud Capabilities Network

More information

Your organisation’s senior leadership team should write and approve a cloud plan that focuses on approaches to adopting and using public cloud services.

How to write a cloud plan

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