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Direct contracts with providers of public cloud services

Your organisation might accept or negotiate contracts directly with the providers of public cloud services.

Buy public cloud services independently

You can buy public cloud services individually on a per-service basis. If you identify an application or tool that solves a business objective, your organisation might accept or negotiate a contract directly with the provider of that service.

Help with negotiating contracts for public cloud services

Assess the risks before signing direct contracts for public cloud services

Before using a public cloud service, you’ll need to do a risk assessment. This includes any free trials of public cloud services.

When to assess the risks of using a public cloud service

Risk assessments are needed to account for factors that are unique to your:

  • information
  • business context.

Assess the risks of using a public cloud service

Check for documents you can use in your risk assessment

Another NZ government organisation may have previously assessed the public cloud service you’re looking to use. See which organisation to contact for information by:

Examples of public cloud services used by NZ government organisations

This is not a complete list and not all of these public cloud services will be appropriate for all information or every government organisation. That’s why it’s important to assess the risks before using a public cloud service.

Business process mapping

Chat and video communications

Customer relationship management


Geographic mapping and analysis

Human resources

Legal practice management

Office productivity

Project management

Secure file sharing

Software development

Cloud computing platforms

These host other non-cloud native software.

Data and analytics tools

Email marketing


Help us update this list

This is not an exhaustive list.

Let the Government Chief Digital Officer’s team know about other public cloud services that your organisation has assessed which others might find useful.


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