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Make a decision from the risk discovery

Being valuable to your organisation, the NZ government and New Zealanders, assess the risks of using the public cloud service.

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    If the risks are already too much

    From answering the relevant questions in the risk assessment tool, you might already know that the:

    • risks are too much
    • possible security controls cannot help enough.

    If using the public cloud service with the information is outside your organisation’s risk tolerance, do not use the service.

    It’s still worth filing your risk assessment with the security and information technology teams — this way, others do not duplicate the work or can reference it as a starting point in the future.

    Use your risk assessment

  2. 2

    Assess the risks of using the public cloud service

    Your answers to the relevant questions for information value and risk discovery are not the risk assessment itself.

    They help you discover and record the information you need to assess the risks before using the public cloud service.

    Risk assessments before using public cloud services

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