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Tools that government organisations are using for working remotely

Choose from a list of cloud-based tools that government organisations have adopted for remote working — but always assess the risk first.

Before you adopt a cloud-based tool   

You must consider the business context and the need to do your own risk assessment.

This is particularly important if using the tool involves classified information or has privacy implications for the customer or data.


Guidance on assessing the risk of using cloud-based tools:


The tools on this page have been risk-assessed by various government organisations for their own purposes.

Other agencies' assessments can be a useful starting point, but their business risks may differ to yours.

Online collaboration tools

Business process mapping

Chat and video communications

Customer relationship management


Geographic mapping and analysis

Human resources

Legal practice management

Office productivity

Project management

Secure file sharing

Software development

Cloud computing platforms

These host other non-cloud native software.

Data and Analytics Tools

One-way communication tools

Email marketing


Help us update this list

This is not an exhaustive list.

Let us know about other cloud-based tools that your organisation has assessed which others might find useful.


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