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About the GEA-NZ Framework

The Government Enterprise Architecture for New Zealand (GEA-NZ) framework guides our transformation towards coherent digital government and includes a layered architecture framework.

The Government Enterprise Architecture Group (GEAG) has led development and evolution of the framework with input and collaboration from many people from different government agencies.

The GEAG reviews and endorses the framework, which is then approved by the General Manager Agency Partnerships and Capability within the Digital Public Service branch (DPS) Te Kōtui Whitiwhiti of DIA.

The GEA-NZ framework was updated and refreshed in 2021.

The focus of this update was:

The GEA-NZ v3.2 data and information artefacts are still available while Statistics New Zealand lead a refresh of Data, Information and Analytics architecture. When this update is complete links will be provided to the new Data, Information and Analytics architecture content.

GEA-NZ evolution

The GEA-NZ framework replaced an earlier framework known as the NZ Federated Enterprise Architecture Framework (NZ FEAF).

The focus of the NZ FEAF and early versions of the GEA-NZ framework was mainly technology.

GEA-NZ v3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 included more focus on the business and data architecture of an enterprise.

The current version may sometimes be referred to as GEA-NZ 2021 to distinguish it from earlier versions.

What is an enterprise architecture for?

Enterprise architecture helps you:

  • understand your current business
  • identify opportunities for change
  • model your business goals, and the capabilities and investments you need to deliver them
  • design a future operating model that is technically and strategically aligned with all-of-government programmes and services
  • understand your interaction with consumers and the target user experience.

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