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The style guide published on has been helping people write for public sector websites since 2013, but the time has come for it to join similar guidance on

The style guide on covered everything from what tone to use when writing for, to how to style a phone number. It was aimed at people who write content for, but now it makes sense to broaden the audience and create one set of guidance that is suitable for any government agency.

This means its natural home is on, in the Design and UX section. Migrating the style guide from means we can replace and update the old ‘Content design and management’ pages on, and reduce duplication between and

Content design guidance

There is still style information specific to on (like their typography and colours), but the general best-practice guidance is now on It is essentially the same guidance as always, but in a new home.

In its new home, the content design guidance is not mandatory for agencies to follow. But it is recommended, and it is the style that and both follow.

The guidance is a work in progress, along with the Accessibility section. So, we’ll use on-page surveys and other methods to get feedback from people who use it.

If you're a content designer, please let us know about anything that would be useful to include, and what you think of the guidance. We'd love to hear from you, just email

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