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Recent blog posts “Web analytics reporting: more than just pageviews” and "Web analytics dashboards: making reporting simple and easy" cover some of the work DIA is doing in this space. But we’re not the only government thinking about web analytics and dashboards. Check these out:

In Australia, the Digital Transformation Office sees analytics as a tool to figure out what to fix, where to start and how we're doing. See their blog post, “Building better services with analytics”.

In Canada, government is using analytics to track the progress of Open Government. Their overview on Open Government Analytics tells all.

In the UK, they’ve built a site that publishes performance data for government services, and a services data page that lets you search for dashboard information by service name, department and service group.

In the US, 18F have launched a site showing government progress on “building digital services for the American people”. Also in the US, DigitalGov has details about their Digital Analytics Program, which offers “advanced, easy Web analytics to federal agencies”. And then there’s, which shows “data [that] provides a window into how people are interacting with the [US] government online”. Plus the backstory on how 18F built

There are probably other great examples so please add a comment if you know of others we should be looking at.

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