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Thursday 27 February saw the first meeting of the peer advisory group. This group has been set up to discuss how we can improve the site and what type of future operating model we should develop.

Group members

The group is made up of representatives from across New Zealand Government agencies. Members are colleagues who are publishing content and delivering online services to the general public.

Purpose of the group

The group will:

  • provide feedback on all iterations of
  • make suggestions on how the site could be improved
  • share their own experience in creating, publishing and maintaining NZ Government websites
  • share research with each other
  • contribute to the future operating model of

Group discussion

At our first meeting we discussed how publishing content works across various agencies and what the pain points are.

Key themes that emerged include:

  • we’ll have to make sure that we demonstrate the value of doing things differently, especially with legal and policy colleagues
  • writing for the web isn’t valued as a specialist skill across a number of agencies
  • an easy way to review and comment on content would be welcome.

Future of the group

The group will meet monthly. Dates have been set until the end of June.

We’ll give regular updates here on what we discussed and actions planned.

If you want more information or would like to suggest ideas on what we could cover, leave a comment or email

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