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DPUP — purpose statement template

Use these key elements to capture your intentions when collecting or using information from or about people who use the services you deliver or fund. It might be a new project, reviewing an existing process or practice, or some other activity.

Template outline

  1. What: A summary of what data or information is needed.
    • Will it be anonymous or will it or could it identify the service user or other people?
    • Who will it be collected from?
    • Will any data or information be matched or linked? If so, with what other information?
  2. Why: Outline why data or information is needed.
    • What processes / activities / decisions will it be used in?
  3. How: How using data and information in this way will help service users or people in similar situations to them.
    • What is the goal or outcome of using their data or information this way?
    • Describe who will have access to the information in any form. Be as specific as possible by naming organisations and the kinds of roles or jobs of the people who will have access.
    • Be clear about what won’t happen and who won’t see it.
  4. Choice: What choices will people have about:
    • What data or information they have to provide.
    • Who will access or see their data or information (even if it doesn’t identify them).
    • How their data or information might be used (even if it doesn’t identify them).
      If they won’t have a choice, say this.
  5. Law: Note any applicable laws, regulations, contracts, agreements, guidelines and so on that are relevant to this collection or use of this information.
  6. Transparency: How the information captured here will reach services users.
    • Think about who might need to explain these ideas to them, and how that could work best for them.
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