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Website budget planner


Record the following:

  • Site name
  • URL
  • Budget holder
  • Content manager
  • Financial year
  • Total annual budget

Explanation for the budget sheet

  1. There are 3 ways to add cost to a role or activity – as an FTE (using an estimate for salary), as an agreed number of hours per month or at a fixed price.
  2. 1 person may fill several roles or a role may not be needed. Delete rows or edit as needed.
  3. The role description gives an idea of responsibilities. It’s a guide only.
  4. In maintenance and hosting, the service charge might cover all of the activities listed, but it’s good to check.

Annual website budget costing

For each subheading, you could record:

  • the FTE portion, such as 0.5
  • the estimated salary
  • the estimated cost (the portion of the estimated salary).

Or you could record:

  • the hours per month
  • the rate
  • the cost.

Or you could record the fixed price in dollars per year.

Content management – role descriptions

Content manager

Reporting to business, liaison with resources and vendors, promotion, eliciting feedback from users, responding to queries, reviewing web analytics, managing work plan, reviewing content and fixing broken links, managing enhancements and defects log, and prioritising work.

Subject matter expertise

Writing new content and reviewing existing content for currency and quality.

Web editing

Editing content for web applying DIA style guide and Plain English. Structuring content for the web. Loading content into the system. Ensuring loaded content is web standards compliant. Writing text descriptions for complex diagrams and other non-text elements. Writing metadata.


Performing final checks on new or modified content and publishing to the live website.

Specialist content services

Te reo Māori writing and editing, and expertise in the appropriate representation of tikanga Māori. Translation and deaf sign language interpretation. Provision of brand-appropriate imagery. Production of web-ready video, captioned and transcribed. Production of animated and interactive content.

Publishing support – role descriptions

CMS training

Training for new users or to gradually improve competency.

CMS support

Resolving CMS problems and helping with technical publishing.

Quality checking

Performing periodic spot checks and reporting issues identified to the content manager. E.g. link checks, publishing errors or style.

Maintenance and hosting – role descriptions

Service charge

If you have a Service Level Agreement you may have a fixed fee for all maintenance and hosting tasks. Ask your vendor.

CMS updates

Applying security and version updates to CMS and database, using change control.


Of any updates prior to release.

CMS administration

Setting up users or making configuration changes to the CMS. Also synchronising the development, QA and production sites.

System administration

Includes updates to operating system, backups and disaster recovery.

Traffic costs

No description provided.

Server costs

Cost for hardware and any software licence costs.

Domain registrations

For non .govt domains only.

Work plan enhancements

Insert your objectives and a description of activities


Operating costs + staff costs + enhancements budget = sub total + contingency at 10% = total annual budget

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