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Digital Experience Services

Digital Experience Services enables users to compose, manage, present and optimise digital information with the aim of providing better customer digital experiences, regardless of the digital channel the customer uses to engage with the Agency.

Service description

The Digital Experience Services category in the Marketplace provides managed platform services, professional services and a range of related software categories, such as personalisation, digital insights through analytics software, smart search, data integration tools, search engine optimisation tools, no/low code development tools, channel accessibility tools, UX testing tools, and digital experience software.

The platform provides parts of the solution while your agency controls:

  • the look and feel of your website or mobile apps
  • the suppliers of professional services to manage and develop the digital channels
  • the content
  • the websites’ and/or the mobile apps’ code
  • bespoke development to integrate the website/mobile app with other systems
  • custom features and templates
  • on-going support, and
  • extensions to functionality as your business needs require.

In additional to the platform services, the professional services provided in this category are:

  • information architecture
  • content design
  • user insight
  • analytics and search engine optimisation
  • application testing
  • visual design
  • front-end development
  • back-end development
  • native application development
  • website accessibility
  • project management services
  • change management services.

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Digital Experience Services enables your agency to develop and deliver customer-centric services, which your customers can access themselves when and how they need.

You can select the best-fit product for your agency's needs from the Marketplace.

Lead Agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua The Department of Internal Affairs



Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to adopt the service undertake a secondary procurement process. For more detail visit the Marketplace.

How to get a contract

See what agencies need to know or more information about joining Marketplace and procuring services.

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