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Department of Internal Affairs

ICT Capabilities and Change Partners


one.govt provides a fully managed suite of telecommunication network and security services, suitable for your agency regardless of scale.

Service Description

one.govt services include:

  • WAN services of various bandwidths (with encryption as required).
  • High speed internet services.
  • A voice gateway.
  • Secure Encrypted Email (SEEMail) gateway service.


NTT Ltd is contracted to provide one.govt for All-of-Government.


All services are fully managed, freeing your agency from having to manage one.govt services.

Other benefits include:

  • guaranteed bandwidths
  • high speed internet services with international bandwidths pooled to benefit agencies
  • a voice gateway that reduces telephony costs and provides free interagency calling.

Lead Agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua The Department of Internal Affairs



Adopting the service

Please contact the one.govt Product Manager

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Closed Supplier Panel
  • Syndicated

Lead Agency Agreement details

DIA, as Lead Agency, has entered into a Syndicated Agreement with NTT Ltd for one.govt services.

The Syndicated Agreement enables eligible agencies to subscribe to the service via a Participating Agency Agreement.

Initial 10-year agreement, signed in 2009, with one 2-year option to renew.

Supplier information


Standard WAN Services, Secure WAN Services, Inter-Agency Connectivity Services, Internet Services, SEEMail Gateway Services, Voice Gateway Services.


Contract Began September 2009

Contact: Ben Christian

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