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Payroll services

Payroll Services provides government agencies with payroll and payroll-related services covering enterprise software, managed services/out-sourcing and consulting and professional services.

Service description

Suppliers offering payroll and payroll-related software and systems must meet minimum requirements across the following areas.

Must include at least one of the following:

  • payroll
  • time and attendance
  • award interpretation
  • rostering.

May also include any of the following:

  • HR
  • workflow management
  • self-service
  • reporting.

Professional services listed on Marketplace are payroll-related services which are delivered by a professionally qualified individual or business.

They are usually provided in support of payroll implementation, support or administration on an adhoc or agreed-term basis.

These include:

  • consulting and advisory services
  • role-based positions, and
  • virtual teams.


  • Enables your agency to have access to a wide range of payroll related services, where theircompliance with legislation is well described.
  • You can select the best-fit products for your agency’s needs from the Marketplace. For example, simple versus complex employment agreements, single modules or system with wide-ranging functionality.
  • Primary contractual environment is managed by the Lead Agency, and agencies only need to conduct a secondary procurement process.
  • You have the ability to customise your agreement with your chosen suppliers.

Lead agency

Te Tari Taiwhenua The Department of Internal Affairs.


Operational from 30 November 2020.

Adopting the service

Agencies wanting to adopt the service undertake a secondary procurement process in line with the Government Procurement Rules.

For more detail visit Marketplace.

How to get a contract

See what new agencies need to know for more information about joining Marketplace and procuring services.

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