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RealMe® is a secure login service that lets customers access online services across agencies and businesses with a single username and password. The verified identity service allows customers to easily and securely prove their identity online. Government agencies are required to use RealMe services rather than developing new authentication and identity verification systems.

Service description

RealMe comprises 2 services that address 3 parts of service delivery — security, digital identity and privacy.

The RealMe services:

  • RealMe Login Authentication provides access to multiple services with a single username and password.
  • RealMe Assertion Verified identity provides a way for customers to prove their identity online.

Service URL

RealMe website

Integrating RealMe with online services


RealMe is managed by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

Unify is contracted to provide and support the technical solution on our Microsoft Azure business-to-consumer (B2C) platform.


The RealMe login (Authentication) service benefits

The RealMe login service provides agencies and organisations with a secure, privacy-protective and standards-compliant authentication service that’s supported around the clock 365 days a year.

The RealMe assertion (Identity Verification) service benefits

The service allows agencies or organisations to:

  • reduce duplication, data–entry errors and costs associated with manual identity checking processes
  • reduce the risk of identity fraud, due to greater confidence in customer identity information
  • save money by re–using existing technology when integrating identity authentication into a digital system or service.

Customers benefits

Customers can:

  • log in to services that use RealMe using the same username and password — removing the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords
  • prove their identity easily and securely online
  • avoid the need to purchase identity documentation
  • avoid the cost and time involved in validating paper documents.

Lead Agency

The Department of Internal Affairs



Adopting the service

To adopt the RealMe service contact the RealMe team.

We’ll provide integration support and advisory services to help you choose which identity services fit your business needs. This includes an identity related risk assessment service in line with the Evidence of Identity Standard.

Lead Agency Agreement summary

  • Managed Service

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