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  • Do you need an app for that?

    Found in Blog / Published 04 March 2015 / By Susan Diamond

    Sometimes in the public sector, we end up with a solution looking for a problem. Mobile apps, native or web, often fit that definition. Since this is a quandary that often comes up, we’re hoping to draft some guidelines later this year. But in the meantime, here are some ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities and pitfalls.

    To app or not to app, that is the questionOur advice is to take a step back from an app as a solution and ask yourself:

    What are you trying to do?
    Do your users n…

  • COVID-19 response strengthened with WhatsApp service

    Found in News

    Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has announced the launch of the New Zealand Government COVID-19 information service on WhatsApp, called

  • New Zealand Government Design System (alpha phase)

    Found in Standards & guidance / Design and UX / New Zealand Government Design System (alpha phase)

    A design system is a catalogue of reusable components, patterns and base elements you might need to build your website or app.

  • Gaming to improve mental health

    Found in Showcase

    More than half of all young people with mental health difficulties never get help due to limited access to therapy through our public health service and the expense of private psychotherapy. Our interventions help reach those who are unable to access face-to-face therapy or prefer not to.

  • Securing your CMS accounts

    Found in News

    Later this month two-factor authentication (2FA) will be turned on across the websites run by the team:, and We’ve decided to require 2FA following CERT NZ guidance on making sure accounts are secure.

    If you have a content management system (CMS) login to one of these websites, you’ll need to set up 2FA by 27 September 2019, or you’ll be prompted to do it when you log in. Now is also a good time to change your password.

    Resetting your passw…

  • Augmenting our story

    Found in Showcase

    In March last year, Te Puni Kōkiri developed the #FFSVote (For Future’s Sake Vote) social media and community engagement campaign designed to encourage Māori youth (rangatahi) aged 18–29 years to enrol and vote at the 2017 General Election.

  • Multi-Channel Publishing

    Found in Blog / Published 04 March 2013 / By Matthew Oliver

    Matthew Oliver is the Web Team Manager at Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage. In this guest post, he shares his valuable experience and lessons learnt from using new content formats for government content.

    At Manatū Taonga – Ministry for Culture and Heritage we're starting to look beyond our current websites to re-imagine how we produce content and information for New Zealanders. We see it as two-pronged: large-scale content syndication through APIs and the like, and discret…

  • Emerging Tech: APIs for service delivery

    Found in Blog / Published 07 March 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    TL;DRAs part of a regular Emerging Technology series the Service Integration team at the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) brought together presenters from inside and outside of government to share how they were using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for service delivery and ways we could improve service delivery with other approaches.

    APIs are a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. They are not an emerging technology as they have been…

  • Digital Experience Services

    Found in Products & services / Products and services A-Z / Digital Experience Services

    Digital Experience Services enables users to compose, manage, present and optimise digital information with the aim of providing better customer digital experiences, regardless of the digital channel the customer uses to engage with the Agency.

  • A digital native’s take on digital inclusion

    Found in Blog / Published 16 November 2018 / By Amy Bieleski

    Digital affects and impacts everyone differently. As a digital native, my perspective of digital is different - different from my parents, and my grandparents - but also different from other digital natives. Each of us has varying degrees of access to digital technologies, literacy skills, and participation with peer culture. While this is commonly accepted, what should not be accepted is the divide between those who have the access and skills to participate in the digital world, and those who d…

  • Direct contracts with providers of public cloud services

    Found in Standards & guidance / Technology and architecture / Cloud services / Help with public cloud services / Ways to buy public cloud services / Direct contracts with providers of public cloud services

    Your organisation might accept or negotiate contracts directly with the providers of public cloud services.

  • What we can learn from the Design Intensive

    Found in Blog / Published 10 November 2014 / By Joanna McLeod

    What can a super-speedy ride down a slide teach us about designing for customers? I found the answer last week when the Design and Innovation team from Result 10 hosted a Design Intensive for 40 public servants from various agencies.

    As a communications person, I think it’s important to break down exactly what kind of design we’re talking about here. You’re probably picturing me hovering behind a designer saying “Make it pop! Make it sizzle! But do it with the colours in our style guide!” Well,…

  • Government’s RealMe turns 6

    Found in Blog / Published 15 July 2019 / By Tim Waldron

    RealMe® turns 6. Tim Waldron writes about RealMe's journey to take the entire process for applying for a RealMe verified identity online.

  • LabPlus: Rates Rebates Prototyping

    Found in Blog / Published 08 May 2018 / By Siobhan McCarthy

    SummaryIn this post we are talking about prototyping and testing with people within the Rates Rebates Alpha. This post steps through the design prototyping approach to provide a practical understanding of what is involved, noting that all work is based on extensive user research already conducted around the challenge of rates rebates. The prototyping gave us a chance to test several quite different approaches to the rebate to find what worked best for people.

    Rates rebates are a subsidy that gi…

  • Result 10 – What’s It All About?

    Found in Blog / Published 11 December 2012 / By Richard Foy

    Richard is the Executive Director of Better Public Services Result 10, which aims to have 70% of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government being completed in a digital environment by 2017. Here, Richard writes about what Result 10 means to him.

    You’d have to have been living under a rock, or undergone an extended stay in a sensory deprivation chamber, not to know that, back in September, the iPhone 5 made its New Zealand debut.

    I, like so many other early-adopting, gadget-obsess…

  • E-government in Estonia and 'Government as a platform' in New Zealand

    Found in Blog / Published 09 June 2017 / By Lee Dowsett

    Insights about Estonia
    Recently I attended a workshop as a part of conference in which Kaidi Ruusalepp (thanks Kaidi!) from Estonia took us through the experience of using public e-government services there. That experience as well as other contact I’ve had with Estonia informed this post.

    I think that Estonia has achieved a very high level of e-government through a combination of great skills, will and a supportive population. In a nutshell, using your Estonian e-identity card or app as a ‘key…

  • Mobility Marketplace

    Found in Showcase

    The NZ Transport Agency has created the world's 1st open Mobility Marketplace using a real-time data processing platform.

  • Exploring optimistic futures

    Found in Showcase

    The Virtual Reality (VR) demonstrator creates a VR experience showing a day-in-the-life of a typical person in 2070.

  • Empowering *everyone* through digital

    Found in Blog / Published 31 August 2018 / By Kirk Mariner

    “The Internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity.” – President Barack Obama

    We have whanau that live in a remote community in the Bay of Plenty. They choose not to have internet, though they do have a landline and a fax machine that still works.

    Every time I need to access my email or phone message on my mobile, I find myself trying to find the highest point on the deck and wait for a signal (it's like going air-fishing waiting for a notification-bite). When that fails, every time we driv…

  • Creating an all-of-government Design System

    Found in Blog / Published 25 March 2019 / By Jas Hua , Joe Garlick , Matthew Holloway

    We’re creating a design system that makes it easier for digital teams and vendors to design, prototype and ultimately solve end user problems.

  • Integrated services — Service Innovation Working Group

    Found in Showcase

    Integrated services is about joining up and automating services around key events in people’s lives (life events) to make it easier for citizens to access government services. The advancements in digital technology are a key enabler for integrating services that was not previously possible.

  • Authenticator types

    Found in Standards & guidance / Identification management / Guidance / Authenticator types

    This guide describes various authenticator types and provides examples and considerations for their use. It does not prescribe the use of any specific authenticator.

  • New platform for government DNS now coming in May

    Found in News

    Details are now available on the timing of the DNS platform transition, blackout periods, and what you should do to prepare for the change.

  • LabPlus: The value of coding in the open for building integrated services

    Found in Blog / Published 25 May 2018 / By Brenda Wallace

    This post is written by and for developers. We want to share with you the Service Innovation Lab's commitment to open source everything we can, how and why we work this way, and the things we have open sourced that pre-date the creation of the Lab.

  • Assisted Digital Tradeshow: helping people use, shift and stay digital

    Found in Blog / Published 11 May 2015 / By Megan O'Donovan

    On 24 February the Assisted Digital team hosted a Tradeshow at the National Library in Wellington. As outlined in our blog post — Assisted Digital: bringing it all together — the purpose was to:

    connect with others working on related initiatives
    share ideas and learning on helping customers to use, shift to and stay in digital channels
    better coordinate our efforts.
    We had a great turnout on the day with over 100 people attending from across government agencies, community organisations and the…

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