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  • Legislation as code - modelling in real time

    Found in Blog / Published 22 June 2018 / By Brigette Metzler

    … delivery. Brigette Metzler, an Australian Public Servant who participated in the Better Rules Hack, provides her perspective and reflects on quickly building a team with a unified sense of purpose and understanding, and how her team went about designing legislation as code.


    It’s my first time in New Zealand, and though this post isn’t about that, place is a good point from which to start. The spirit of the land is almost visceral as you fly in. The mountains are like a giant just settled, l…

  • Global coverage of our legislation as code work

    Found in Blog / Published 29 August 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    Digital technologies are transforming our lives, but are taking longer to transform government services. In most countries the way existing legislation is written is a barrier to digital service transformation. As part of the multi-agency Service Innovation Work Programme, the Service Innovation Lab team is experimenting with machine consumable legislation to get past this.

  • Cross Tasman Collaboration - new insights driving a new industry

    Found in Blog / Published 08 June 2018 / By Belinda Yee

    Guest blog post by Belinda Yee, User Experience Research Lead, of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Data61

    Regulatory systems are necessary, but often subject to change, hard to understand and difficult to navigate. The complexity of the law makes it difficult for businesses and the public to understand their entitlements, rights and obligations.

    This is as true in New Zealand as it is in Australia and elsewhere around the world, but a new in…

  • Coding legislation for social good

    Found in Blog / Published 18 June 2018 / By Nigel Charman

    … OrganicCoders. Clockwise from left: Nigel Charman, Rachel Prosser, Allen Geer, Brigette Metzler, Jacob Oldfield

    We then looked at architecture, with demos of Catalyst Cloud and the Regulation as a Platform (RaaP) and OpenFisca frameworks for writing legislation as code. Our team selected OpenFisca since it appeared to support mathematical calculations better.

    While Allen spun up our infrastructure on the Catalyst Cloud, Jacob and I paired on back-end development using OpenFisca and Brigette s…

  • What is Better Rules?

    Found in Blog / Published 20 December 2019 / By Hamish Fraser

    The Better Rules concept offers a fresh approach for multidisciplinary teams when developing policy. This approach provides them with the tools to develop a coherent concept model and potential rule set for the policy topic they’re focusing on.

  • LabPlus: Connecting with service innovation labs in Auckland and Tauranga – part 2 of 2

    Found in Blog / Published 14 May 2018 / By Glen Thurston

    SummaryThis is the second of 2 blog posts about what we shared and learnt when Pia Andrews, Abbe Marks and I visited Innovation Labs in Auckland and visited Tauranga City Council to work with them on the development of the Rates Rebate Alpha. We aimed to build connections with people and Labs in Auckland and Tauranga for collaboration on Service Innovation Lab work programme initiatives.

    My first post talked about our 2-day race around Auckland innovation labs.

    In this post I report on our vis…

  • Better Rules Hack - Wellington

    Found in Blog / Published 15 June 2018 / By Nadia Webster

    … instance.

    Like with most hackathons, it was an intense weekend, but all the participants, mentors and helpers enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from each other. It resulted in the delivery of 5 practical demonstrations of the opportunities that legislation as code/digital rules offer, contributed NZ legislation into the Lab’s open source entitlement rules engine (in OpenFisca), and formed the beginnings of a supportive community to for this work. Participants could see how legislation a…

  • The Service Innovation Lab needs you!

    Found in Blog / Published 19 September 2018 / By Darryl Carpenter

    We are an all-of-government service innovation lab enabling government agencies, NGOs, private organisations and the public to come and work together in a neutral space. We work in the open with a remit to create reusable components that can be applied and shared across many platforms and agencies.

  • A visit to the Service Innovation Lab from Tasman District Council

    Found in Blog / Published 12 October 2018 / By Richard Liddicoat

    … maps of the service design in action. We saw the large number of people from different agencies collaborating. We saw goodwill and a desire to make things better.

    We learnt about the Rates Rebate trial and the Notice of Sale project. We learnt about legislation as code. We learnt about the importance of working across agencies and across disciplines.

    We learnt that all of these things help drive a team dedicated to innovation. In turn, they can feed improvements back into the service ecosyste…

  • Ma te wa Aotearoa

    Found in Blog / Published 31 August 2018 / By Pia Andrews

    Today I have some good news and sad news. The good news is that I've been offered a unique chance to drive "Digital Government" Policy and Innovation for all of government, an agenda including open government, digital transformation, open and shared data, information policy, gov as a platform, public innovation, service innovation and policy innovation. For those who know me, these are a few of my favourite things :)

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