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Readability testing tools

Readability testing can quickly tell you how hard content is to read. But do not rely on automated suggestions.

Readability tools check the readability of your writing by checking, for example:

  • sentences length
  • grammar
  • use of complex words.

Choose a tool

Each tool operates slightly differently, and the results vary, but they provide similar information.

What the rating means

Tools may give you a Flesch score or a grade. You should aim for a reading age of 12.

Flesch reading-ease test

A score of 65 or above is thought to be plain English. This isn’t set in stone though — sometimes specific terms can drag the reading ease down, so aim for a score of at least 60.

School grade

School grade levels vary around the world.

Use the grade score as a guide and aim for a reading age level of 12.


Readability scores are a useful way to show stakeholders how content can be improved.

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