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An introduction to DPUP — agenda





Table 1: DPUP workshop agenda

Agenda item Presenter Time
1. Welcome and introductions [Insert name] 10 minutes
2. What we will cover today [Insert name] 5 minutes
3. Overview — why DPUP? [Insert name] 10 minutes
4. The journey — timeline, engagement and policy development [Insert name] 10 minutes
5. DPUP detail — structure, Principles and Guidelines [Insert name] 20 minutes
6. The DPUP Toolkit [Insert name] 5 minutes
7. What it means for [Agency name] [Insert name] 5 minutes
8. Quiz [Insert name] 10 minutes
9. Questions, where to go for more information and close [Insert name] 15 minutes
    Total: 90 minutes

A presentation and facilitator notes are also part of this introductory workshop.

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