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Government agencies can now create online forms that are easier to complete, with guaranteed standards of accessibility, security, and privacy built in. Fully paid for through a centrally funded model, there is no cost to government agencies and no procurement process required.

16 new services since Formbuilder.govt launch

2023 was the biggest year yet for Business Connect.

In April, we launched our drag-and-drop tool, FormBuilder.govt, making it possible to create forms in a matter of hours.

Since then, we’ve added 16 new services to the Business Connect platform.

Designed by government, for government, this tool is for anyone with a email address who wants to create an online form.

Forms are designed to be easy to use and cannot be submitted unless all the information is entered – which means improved compliance and better-quality data. This leads to faster processing and increased efficiency.

You do not need coding or design skills to create a form.

Video: Introduction to

Video transcript

[Visual: Type heading appears in 2 parts “If you’re managing a government agency,” “Here’s ’s easiest win”. Then the roundel device appears, blinking on and off like a cursor. A mouse arrow comes into screen, hovers over it and ‘clicks’ it to trigger the following animation.]

[Audio: Voice over begins]

Digitising services is an essential task for most government agencies.

[Visual: Roundel becomes icon – with paper form on left appearing first...then changing / transitioning to become digital form on right]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

And high-quality online forms, mean high-quality data… better analytics… increased completion… and a better customer experience.

[Visual: Each field appears & highlights in time with voice]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

But developing them, can be time consuming. Costs, can be uncertain.

[Visual: Icons appear / animate in time with voice]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

And in areas like privacy or security, missing small details...

[Visual: Icons appear / animate in time with voice]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

...can bring significant risk.

[Visual: Risk icon flashes on and off like an alarm.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

But now, there’s a way to ensure a better outcome – for your users, and your agency.

[Visual: Full image comes back into frame – delay, cost and risk icons shrink and disappear, and new icons appear with voice.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

It’s FormBuilder.govt – the specialist tool created by government, for government agencies.

[Visual: The previous icons merge into a single roundel, becoming the O as we transition to the name/ID.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

FormBuilder lets you get forms online in days, not weeks or months – with no procurement process or third-party software development required.

[Visual: First text field appears – remains unselected – then FB field appears, and is selected as text highlights.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

It reduces your risk in terms of accessibility, privacy, and online security...

[Visual: All fields appear – then each roundel is ‘clicked’ and text highlights one by one.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

...with pre-approved, proven standards reducing the need for formal assessments.

[Visual: Icon appears, then each text field appears one by one and text highlights.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

You can control the content and field types used in each form, guided by best practice in usability...…

[Visual: Cursor moves over form, re-ordering / adjusting different sections in a simple drag-and-drop style.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

...and label every form with your agency’s logo.

[Visual: We zoom in on the top corner of the form – a logo block appears, and changes out through different colours and proportions.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

Once a form is submitted the data can be viewed in our basic portal...accessed by API...or sent by email to an inbox of your choice.

[Visual: Form ‘submits’., options appear & highlight with voice.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

And there’s zero cost impact – with full central government funding of all service delivery, and maintenance.

[Visual: Icon showing cost uncertainty, is replaced by icon showing full funding in a simple change / transition.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

It’s an easy win for your agency – but here’s how your business customers, benefit too.

[Visual: Each field appears & highlights in time with voice.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

Auto-population of data – and retaining previous submissions – means that users don’t have to waste time re-entering information, that you already know.

[Visual: Lines connect icons to form, sections go green, and ticks appear.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

Notifications can keep them informed through the process and update them of next steps – meaning less confusion and enquiries to your team.

[Visual: Icons appear with voice – grey icons reduce and disappear.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

And you’re helping create a more consistent, efficient experience when business deals with government – across different agencies, services, and regions.

[Visual: Connecting lines and icons appear one after another.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

All you have to do, is talk to our team about your requirements…

[Visual: Paper form on left appears first... -then changes & transitions to become digital form on right hand side.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

...and select the templates and content that will work best for you.

[Visual: Cursor swipes over different options – clicking to make some disappear, and reconfiguring others.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

You’ll get a prototype to share with your team, and check – once you approve it, it’s ready to publish.

[Visual: Selected version becomes prototype – gets the tick – ready to go.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

Users link to your form through your existing website...

[Visual: Icon appears in time with voice.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

...and complete it on the Business Connect platform, where they can easily connect to a wide range of other government services.

[Visual: Links to partial, and then to other services.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

So if you need to get services online… why go it alone, when the hard work has already been done for you?

[Visual: Each type box & roundel appear and highlight, before being ‘ticked off’ one by one.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

Choose faster delivery. Guaranteed compliance. And a simple process – at no cost to you.

[Visual: Icons appear in time with voice.]

[Audio: Voice over continues]

With the new way of building online forms – that’s better for you, and better for business.

[Visual: Closing slide with Formbuilder.govt logo.]

case study: eInvoicing Ready Software

Earlier in January, the first service built by someone outside of our team was launched.

Eddy Horwood, an advisor with the eInvoicing team at Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) used FormBuilder.govt to create the ‘eInvoicing Ready Software’ form.

The form allows businesses to apply to be added to the list of eInvoicing ready software providers on the MBIE website.

With some help from the team, he could get the form to a state where it was ready to be published on the Business Connect platform.

The whole process, from gathering requirements to gaining approvals and going live took just 4 working weeks!

eInvoicing Ready Software form — Business Connect (RealMe login required)

Sign-up for a demo or join a knowledge-sharing session

We’re keen to bring more agencies on board Business Connect and get them to build forms using FormBuilder.govt.

We’re planning to run monthly sessions for people using FormBuilder.govt so they can share and learn from each other.

If you’re interested in signing up for FormBuilder.govt or would like a demo, email

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