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The 2015 Government ICT Strategy review that was completed earlier this year offered an opportunity to build on ICT foundations and take advantage of emerging, game-changing trends. These changes provide new opportunities to support better public services by putting people and businesses at the centre of design and delivery of digital services.

In October, Cabinet approved an update to the ICT Strategy and Action Plan.

What's new?

The revised Government ICT Strategy is based on four high-level and enduring opportunities:
  1. Exploiting emerging technologies The accelerated pace of disruptive change generated by cloud services presents an opportunity to change the way the public sector operates and delivers services
  2. Unlocking the value of information Increased availability of government-held information and data analytics and predictive modelling have the potential to unlock the value of information to help solve complex problems and generate innovative ideas
  3. Leveraging agency transformations Major agency transformation programmes have a critical role in delivering an ICT ecosystem for the public sector that enables the integration of services across multiple agencies
  4. Partnerships with the private sector Partnerships with the private sector are increasingly being used to drive innovation and encourage greater risk-taking.

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